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Featured Movie Location: "El Flamingo Beach Club"
Wanna see the real life filming location used for "El Flamingo Beach Club" in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Silver Gull Beach Club, located in Rockaway, New York. [Google Map]

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The movie shot at 'Adventure's Inn', which was an old luncheon/snack bar/restaurant and arcade in Flushing, Queens, New York -just off of the Bronx-Whitestone Expressway at Linden Place. It originally was part of an Amusement Park that closed in the mid 70's. The restaurant and arcade remained open until the early 80's. A large multiplex movie theatre and a Toys 'R us now take it's place. [Thanks to Scotty / Rick]

The information about the amusement park in the film called Adventurers Inn' is incorrect in both location and its demise. Not only is it stil in business but it's in Farmingdale Long Island (not Queens) and has changed it's name to Adventureland. [Thanks to Jim Resseque]

The Adventurers scene was also shot in Yonkers NY not in Queens. There used to be an adventurers on Central Avenue, which is now a Nathan's. It then moved lower down on Central Ave to Cross County. The Adventurers scene in the movie was shot in Yonkers at the Cross County Shopping Center-at the newer location. It was demolished and that space now holds the Multiplex. My lil brother and I got a kick out of seeing that Adventurers location when we went to the movies! [Thanks to alissa]

Also the raceway betting scene was also filmed in Yonkers, NY at Yonkers Raceway which still exists. [Thanks to Mike]

Other locations include Brooklyn and Woodside.

The Flamingo Kid beach club scenes were filmed in Rockaway New York. [Thanks to Mike]

The police precinct in the movie is in Rockaway Beach on Beach Boulevard and Beach 94th Street. The exterior and interior scenes were shot there.

The restaurant at the end of the movie is located in Rockaway Beach on Beach 115th Street and Beach Channel Drive and is today called The Wharf.

Several of the driving scenes are filmed in Rockaway Beach on Beach Channel Drive.

The Bridge at the beginning of the movie is Marine a Parkway Bridge. [Thanks to Philipp Mohr]

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