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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1980 Dance / Music movie starring Irene Cara, Lee Curreri, Laura Dean et al.
Contributed by: iko
Anne Meara, the great Mrs Sherwood, also appeared in 4 episodes of SEX AND THE CITY as Mary Brady (Steve's mother)
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Lori Singer, who plays Ariel in "Footloose", beat Madonna in the role for the T.V. show that ran from 1983-1987.
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Debbie Allen was originally going to be cast as a student, but she was too old, so she played Lydia Grant. She later returned to play Lydia in the TV series, as well as herself in the American Idolish variety show "Fame".
Contributed by: Nick Napolitano
Sadly, Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy) passed away on November 15, 2003 from complications with stroke and HIV.
Contributed by: Gloryinfidel
Gene Anthony Ray, who played Leroy Johnson in both the movie and tv series, actually attended the High School for the Performing Arts in NYC. Like his character, he posed a challenge to the faculty. Unlike his character, he was asked to leave the school before graduating. He was 41 when he died.
Contributed by: Nat Paton
The actress who plays Hilary Van Doren (in Alan Parkerís Fame 1980), Antonia Franceschi, was also in the first Grease movie (1978) in the credits as 'Dancer'. Notable in crowd dancing scenes throughout the movie, during "Summer Nights", at the end of the film to the song "We go Together" and also busting some serious moves at the hop during the "Born to Hand Jive" number.
Contributed by: Teresa Parks
Irene Cara later went on to sing the title song "What a Feeling" from another great eighties movie: "Flashdance".
Contributed by: Kimberly Whitehead
Before starring in "Fame" Irene Cara had starred in "Sparkle" w/Phillip Michael Thomas ("Miami Vice"), Dorian Haywood ("Jesse Owens Story"), Mary Alice ("A Different World") and also "Sister Sister w/Diahann Carroll ("Dynasty") and Rosalyn Cash ("General Hospital)".
Contributed by: Kimberly Kinser
Meg Tilly was one of the extra dancers and can be seen briefly in the dancing in the street scene.
Contributed by: David Silva
Famous clothing designer Issac Mizrahi first appeared here as one of the drama students and has a credit under players.
Contributed by: Patrick Fogerty
Paul McCrane, who has gone on to television fame on "ER," actually wrote the song he performs in "Fame" - "Is it Okay if I Call You Mine?"
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The guy who performs the comedy act just before Ralph Garcia bombs out of the fight w/ Doris is Richard Belzer Det. John Munch on Law and Order.
Contributed by: Janna Burgess
Doris (Maureen Teefy) is also one of the Main stars from Grease 2, co-starring w/ Michelle Pfeiffer.
Contributed by: Veronica Carvelli
Paul McCrane also appeared on the T.V. series Cop Rock on ABC.