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Gertie (DREW BARRYMORE) encounters E.T.

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Film facts for the 1982 Family movie starring Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Robert MacNaughton More Cast

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Spielberg spent $100,000 to digitally remove the guns in the government agents' hands and replaced them with walkie talkies in preparation for the 2002 20th Anniversary re-release of the film. He also added the following scenes that were scrapped from the original in the 2002 re-release to make the day longer that Elliott spends with E.T. when he plays hookie. This way, they can get better acquainted: 1.) Elliott and E.T. standing in front of the bathroom mirror, comparing their height. E.T. extends his neck so that he is as tall as Elliot. 2.) Elliott weighs E.T. on the scale. 3.) Elliott showing E.T. what a bathtub looks like and how it works while E.T. is preoccupied, fiddling with the toiletries near the bathroom sink. 4.) E.T. messing around in the bathtub and scaring Elliott at first because he's not sure if E.T. can swim.
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Henry Thomas's (Elliot) first movie was "Raggedy Man" with Sissy Spacek in 1981.
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As of 2007, Kuwahara bikes are currently in production again!
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In the scene where Elliot and E.T. are hospitalized in the house, Steven Spielberg makes a small appearence as one of the doctors.
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Along with Stephen King, Steven Spielberg is also one of Drew Barrymore's Godparent's.
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One of Elliot's brother's friends is played by C. Thomas Howell, star of 80s classics like "The Outsiders" and "Secret Admirer".
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C. Thomas Howell also starred in 'Soul Man'.
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KC Martel who played Greg also starred in 'Growing Pains' as one of Mike's (Kirk Cameron) friends, Eddie.
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Henry Thomas, who played Elliott, about 10 years later played the youngest son in the movie "Legends of the Fall" - he was the one who was killed in the war - and he still had the same "baby face" he had in E.T., just taller!
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The little blonde girl that Elliot kisses in class was played by Erika Eleniak who later starred in "Bay Watch".
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Elliot's brother in the movie, Michael (Robert MacNaughton) now works happily for US mail. I recently discovered this when I saw an interview with him in a '20 years on documentary', celebrating the release of Special Edition in 2002.
Editor Steven Spielberg: The Unauthorised Biography, John Baxter. Pg 222
Background: In April (1982), NASA, alert to the importance of mythology in the space effort, invited Spielberg and Lucas to watch the space shuttle lift-off at Cape Canaveral.
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It is often said that Debra Winger provided the much-modified voice of E.T.

However, E.T.'s voice was provided by Pat Welsh, an elderly woman who lived in Marin County, California. Welsh smoked two packets of cigarettes a day, which gave her voice a quality that sound effects creator Ben Burtt liked. She spent nine-and-a-half hours recording her part, and was paid by Burtt for her services. Burtt also recorded 16 other people and various animals to create E.T.'s "voice". These included Spielberg; Debra Winger; Burtt's sleeping wife, who had a cold; a burp from his USC film professor; as well as raccoons, sea otters and horses.
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ET and a few friends also appear in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Immediately after the scene at the Senate when Queen Amidala calls for a vote of no confidence against Chancellor Valorum, you can see a delegation of ETs at the bottom right of the screen waving their long fingers as the assembly descends into chaos. This scene seems to "link" both ET and Star Wars, creating a plausible explanation as to why ET approaches the kid in a Halloween Yoda costume crying "phone home! phone home!" - he recognised someone familiar!
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In the scene with the Halloween party, one of the children is dressed as Yoda from Empire Strikes Back, he catches ETs eye and John Williams Yoda theme can be heard in the background.
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The movie was originally entitled "A Boys Life", "Night Skies", then "ET and Me".
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E.T's face was modelled after poet Carl Sandburg and Albert Einstein.
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There is a rumor that Dee Wallace broke her confidentiality agreement and leaked some information about the film to the media. Supposedly, Spielberg didn't take kindly to Wallace spilling the beans and unofficially black-listed Wallace in Hollywood. No one has confirmed the matter publicly but Wallace's career definitely took a downward swing following E.T.
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E.T is 900 years old.
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E.T. weighs 35 pounds.
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Spielberg produced Poltergeist at the same time as ET.
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E.T. was the first film produced by Steven Spielberg's company Amblin Entertainment. As a matter of fact, the scene where E.T. and Elliot fly in front of the moon on the bike is the same as used in the Amblin Entertainment logo.
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Steven Spielberg held a personal screening for Ronald and Nancy Reagan at The White House.
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Atari's home game based on E.T. is often cited as the worst video game in history. The E.T. disaster is credited with helping bring about the "death" of the original video game boom in the mid-eighties.
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This is indeed correct, the bikes are very collectable and I still have one of them, mine since 1983.
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The car Elliot's mom drove was an Audi 5000 Quattro, the very first mass produced four-wheel drive sedan in the world.
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E.T. is #25 on the American Film Institute's (AFI) list of greatest movies ever.
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E.T.'s fondness for Reese's Pieces made the virtually unknown candy a household word. The marketing deal was allegedly first offered to the M&M people, but they passed.
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The famous shot of a silhouetted E.T. standing inside the rescue ship waiting for it to depart Earth was homaged in Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith; Yoda (apparently, a friend of E.T.) climbs aboard his own rescue ship on the Wookiee planet and is seen in silhouette just before take-off.
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Dee Wallace and C. Thomas Howell (who played one of Elliot's brother's friends) would later reunite for the movie
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Gertie's line "I don't like his feet" was not in the script; Drew Barrymore came up with that herself.
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E.T. premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 26, 1982. It was released in the U.S. on June 11, 1982.
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Michael Jackson recorded a narrated version of the E.T. soundtrack, complete with a song at the beginning and end ('Someone In the Dark') as well as a storybook; it was released on November 7, 1982 and was a huge success, but has not been seen since.
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I'm sure in the kitchen scene where Elliot's older freids are in the kitchen and saying "papa ou mau mau" down the phone they're trying to request surfin' bird on the radio...

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As well as Drew Barrymore, a young Brooke Shields also makes an appearance in the film
Reese's actually invented "Reese's Pieces" expressly for this film.
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