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Wanna see the real life filming location used for Elliot's House in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at a private residence, located in Tujunga, S. California. Google Map

It's often said that E.T.'s first view of the San Fernando Valley at night can be seen on the Universal Studios backlot tram ride in Studio City, CA. At the end of the tour, the tram makes its way up the hill from the backlot, and the small area of brush with a guardrail to the right of the tram is the location used for the night-time view that E.T. first had of the Valley. However, this may be a marketing ploy as the night view on the valley was apparently not shot from the Universal backlot. It's from lonzo (you can see the red radar light behind the Hollywood sign in the middle of the frame) [Thanks to John / MS]

Alternatively, if you go on Google Earth, just above the Lonzo address, in the hills, their is a blue square and when you click on this square it states that that is the site of the night shot of the city lights. Who is right? [Thanks to Jason Alarcon]

I was a Realtor living in Northridge from 1972 until 2008. Spielberg loves this area and uses it in many of his movies... it's only 20 minutes from Warner and Universal but has a look of "anywhere in America". I have clients/friends who were paid up to $400 a day for exterior shots of their homes. The outdoor opening scenes of ET with the view of the lights, trail and houses were shot from the end of what is now Stewarton Drive, just west of Reseda Blvd. At the time it was undeveloped. It is an iconic setting. If you spend 5 seconds there you will know... it's still the same great view. The bike chase scenes through the construction were shot just across Reseda Blvd on Darby ending up behind the condos on Rinaldi and Wilbur. In 2013 it's hard to picture but the alley and condo off Rinaldi is the same. The Halloween scenes were shot on Brasilia, Calle Vista and Castillio in the same neighborhood and also look the same today.

The house that Elliot lived in was also seen in the movie "Charlie's Angels. You know the scene when Drew Barrymore falls from the villian's house? Well, she rolls down the hill into the backyard of --you guessed it-- the E.T. house! This was mentioned in some of the press for "Charlie's Angels" and the making of "Charlie's Angels" [Thanks to Rachel]

E.T. also used locations including some at Granada Hills, CA; Wrightwood, CA

The redwoods scenes at the beginning and the end were filmed at Fort Dick, CA, on land owned by the Miller-Rellim Redwood Co. They are very close to the ones used for "Return of The Jedi". Unlike the ROTJ location, the redwoods managed to escape clearcutting, since they are now located adjacent to an elementary school, and safety precautions prevented logging the area (giant redwoods falling on small children makes for BAD publicity). Sarah wrote in to say that "Many of my grade school friends had their very first kiss on the "set" of ET, while ditching 6th grade on the other side of the playground fence. Many young boys broke important bones launching their bicycles off ramps and trying to "fly", just like the movie. It's amazing what redneck children will do for kicks, I swear." [Thanks to Sarah]

A face down and dying E.T. was shot in Little Mill Creek near the Crescent city location.

Elliot's school is Culver City High School, Elenda Street at Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles

The tree-lined street from which Elliot and E.T. take off is White Oak Ave in an area of Granada Hills called Porter Ranch, a few blocks north of Chatsworth St and south of San Fernando Mission Blvd in Granada Hills, CA (San Fernando Valley -about 15 minutes NW of Hollywood).

The street is just north of the intersection of Chatsworth and Zelzah. [Thanks to Bryan]

The park scene was filmed at Porter Ridge Park in Porter Ranch, CA. Most of the playground equipment has been upgraded, although the original caterpillar and swings are still present (2003.) We all call it the "ET Park" at the north end of Reseda Blvd. The kids also ride through unfinished houses in the area. [Thanks to Lauren Boehm]

The E.T. Street scenes (Halloween, chases) were filmed at the Porter Ranch community in the northern part of San Fernando Valley. Also, a hill in Porter Ranch was also used.

Tim Kramer wrote in to say "by analyzing the video I have been able to determine where the scene in which Elliot rides his bike on a dirt path above his neighborhood in route to the forest was filmed. That scene was filmed in the heart of Porter Ranch. Brasilia Drive and Monte Leon Way are the two streets most visible down below the hillside." -Thanks Tim!

The scene where they come with the Hazard trucks and extend the white tube from the truck. That location is at the top of Reseda in Porter Ranch. There is a park a few minutes from where the Halloween chase secenes were filmed. The camera angle in the movie is at the bottom of the hill (I think) and you can see the exact location of the trucks and there is a swing set that is still there from that scene. Looks almost identical today... but I guarantee you that this is that location. [Thanks to John Agayan]

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