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E.T. Behind The Scenes

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Elliot and E.T. try to make a getaway
Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1982 Family movie starring Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Robert MacNaughton et al.
Contributed by: Emily
Henry Thomas, who plays Elliot, didn't even have an agent at the time! When he auditioned for the role of Elliot, he did a sensational job and immediately after, Spielberg offered him the part... Right there! An older Henry Thomas says that was the quickest audition he ever had and you can watch it on the 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD.
Contributed by: Brian
The movie car builders at Customs By Eddie Paul in El Segundo, CA were contacted to create the custom Ford van used in the E.T. rescue scene.
Contributed by: Greg
Spielburg cast Drew Barrymore for the role of Gertie when she was originally auditioning for "Poltergeist".
Contributed by: Greg
Harrison Ford was cast as Elliot's school headmaster, but the scene was cut from the film because Spielberg felt that Ford, being one of the biggest stars in the world at the time, would distract people from the story and beauty of the film.
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Scriptwriter Melissa Mathison (Harrison Ford's wife) was cast in a small role as Elliot's teacher. She was so nervous performing that her hands shook too much and her small part also found itself on the cutting room floor.
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E.T's voice was done by Pat Walsh and Debra Winger.
Contributed by: Trevor Ou Tim
The BMX bicycles used in the movie were all made by Kuwahara. The half white/maroon model which was ridden by Elliot was designated the E.T. Kuwahara. This film sparked off many kids at the time to get BMX's, making the sport a craze of 80s. I don't think the Kuwahara company exists any more. The sport died out for a while, but now has found new life again.
Contributed by: J.R. Weber
Originally, Elliot was supposed to lure E.T. with M&Ms, but the M&Ms/Mars company wouldn't let the filmmakers use their product, so the candy was changed to Reese's Pieces.
Contributed by: Stephanie
Foley artist, John Roesch, used a wet t-shirt stuffed with Jello for the sound of E.T.'s walk.
Contributed by: David Jones
Shooting began on September 8, 1981, and finished in December 1981. Also, the scenes are mostly seen in the same order as they were shot.
Contributed by: Steven Murray
The scene where Elliot tells Gertie 'Only little kids can see him' (referring to E.T), Drew Barrymore added the line 'Gimmie a break' on the spot, it wasn't in the script. She did a few ad-libs in the movie.
Contributed by: Steven Murray
Stephen Speilberg liked the movie "The Howling" a lot and was very impressed by actress Dee Wallace. Thats why he gave her the role as the kids mother, Mary.
Contributed by: Steven Murray
Drew Barrymore (Gertie) believed that E.T was real throughout the entire shoot, talking to him at times. Therefore her acting was increased when she thought he was dying or leaving etc.
Contributed by: Steven Murray
'Poltergiest' and 'E.T' were filmed at the same time and the cast used to hang out together. Especially the children from both movies.
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