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Don't Tell Her It's Me Trivia

AKA: The Boyfriend School
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Gus falls for Emily played by Jami Gertz
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1989 Romantic Comedy movie starring Steve Guttenberg, Jami Gertz, Shelley Long et al.
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Director, Malcolm Mowbray says that he specifically liked the comedy he saw in the story. "I look for the embarrassing moments in everyday life. When you're trapped in a farce, it's not funny. It can be a nightmare. But it's funny to someone, or an audience who's watching."
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Originally the production was to have been made in Texas. The novel, on which the film is based, was set in Austin, which is where the writer lived.
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In Sarah Bird's book, Jamie Gertz character's name was Gretchen Griner and the persona adopted by Gus was that of a character from a novel Gretchen was writing, not Shelly Long's character.
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The movie has since been shown on cable and subsequently released on DVD with the title "The Boyfriend School".
Don't Tell Her It's Me