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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1989 Romantic Comedy movie starring Steve Guttenberg, Jami Gertz, Shelley Long More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Jerry Ariganello

Don't Tell Her It's Me Filming Locations:

Don't Tell Her It's Me was filmed at locations in Charleston, South Carolina.

Steve Guttenberg's character's house is located on Sullivans Island, a barrier island just outside Charleston. The house sits on a dock directly behind the home of a close family friend. They filmed many scenes directly from her back yard. To protect her privacy, I can't release her home address as one would have to be in her backyard to even get a glimpse of the house used as Steve Guttenberg's. It's not visable from the street. Honestly, it's not much to see these days. It's fallen into extreme disrepair. It's currently vacant and both the house and the dock are falling apart. [Thanks to Linda ]

The house where Lizzie (Shelley Long) lived is on James Island outside of downtown Charleston. It is in an old neighborhood called Stiles Point Plantation. When Gus and Emily go riding on his motorcycle and wind up doing the shag, they are at the Yacht Club in Rockville, SC which is about an hour or so south of Charleston. My neighbors across the street (twin girls) played Shelley Long's daughter (Annabelle) in the movie. :-) [Thanks to Claire]

The gas station where the robbery transpired was called the 'Limehouse Gas Station' on Spring Street at the foot of the Ashley River Bridge in Charleston. It was an old time honored landmark and sadly destroyed by Hurrincane Hugo in 1989. The building was demolished and removed. Many teenagers in the 50's, 60's and 70's would fill up before heading up to Folly Beach on weekends.

The apartment house the Jamie Gertz lived is meant to look like it's on Society Street in the city of Charleston, known to Charlestonians as living 'downtown'. Almost all the houses look the same. They are called 'Shotgun' or 'Singles' houses. Originally built in the late 17 and 1800's, these houses were single family dwellings with 3 or 4 floors, porches cascading the entire length of the house. The houses were placed 'sideways' in order to be able to build more houses on the street. They almost always were made entirely of brick, with a long driveway horizontal the entire length of the house reaching the back where the gardens were. The driveway is often embellished with a wrought iron gate, such as the one in the movie. The homes eventually became too expensive to maintain as single dwellings and were converted into apartments, 1 or 2 to each floor.

To give you an idea of the grandeur of the neighboorhood, probably 2 doors down from the filmed building, a home at 66 1/2 Society Street is currently on the market for $697,500!! (no, that is not a typo)

Gus and Emily go riding among Charleston's beautiful scenery, some shot on Highway 61 also known as the Avenue of Oaks. Some of the oak trees are hundreds of years old. They form a gracefull roof over the highway with their magnificent limbs arching on both sides till they touch each other.

[Thanks to Audrey Chubb for the above excellent locations info]

The airport at the end of the film is the Charleston International Airport. [Thanks to Laura]

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