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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1988 Romantic Comedy movie starring Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Shue, Bryan Brown et al.
Contributed by: Anonymous
Gina Gershon also appeared in the film "Pretty in Pink", as one of bad girl Benny's friends.
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Elisabeth Shue's brother, Andrew Shue of "Melrose Place" fame, has a brief cameo in the wedding scene.
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Elisabeth Shue went Back to the Future twice, then she disappeared for a while, before making a good comeback in "Radio Inside" all the way to an Oscar nomination for "Leaving Las Vegas"
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Kelly Lynch made an impression in "Drugstore Cowboy" ...and then co-starred in "Roadhouse".
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Gina Gershon never played nice again; and went onto kick-ass roles in "Best Of The Best 3", "Out For Justice", "Bound" and "Face/Off" (she was also indicted for smuggling Cuban cigars and for starring in Paul Veerhoven's "Showgirls")
Contributed by: Jennifer
Gina can also be seen in "Driven" with Sylvester Stallone and Burt Reynolds.
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"Mission Improbable"; is a hilarious Ben Stiller parody, where he plays Tom Cruise stand-in; Tom Crooze (great gags about all Cruise movies). Be sure to look out for it!
Contributed by: John W. Evans III
The length of Tom's hair throughout the movie is one way to show passage of time. If you look not only at his hair, but at the time of year AND location, you will see that his life is "moving forward", and his hair length helps represent that. This is a trick often used in movie-making.
Contributed by: Clinton
Here on the Gold Coast, Australia, there is a bar called " Cocktails and Dreams"; the Bar in the movie is called the same.
Contributed by: Jenny
In the bar scene in Jamaica, you can see James Eckhouse in the background across the bar. He starred as Jim Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210.
Contributed by: Adam And K.D.
Did you ever notice that the crowded happening saloon they 1st performed in is actually a TGI Friday's? Look at the red/white candy cane striped awning outside... [see location section for more info] It's still part of "today's" TGI Friday's.
Contributed by: Dave Brown
In the movie F/X2 Rollie, the character played by Bryan Brown is in a bar with Leo, (Brian Denehy), and Leo is tossing the glasses in the air (at least trying to) just as Bryan Brown had done in Cocktail. It's an obvious throwback to Cocktail!