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Brigitte Nielsen stars as his love interest

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Film facts for the 1986 Action / Adventure movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Brigitte Nielsen, Reni Santoni More Cast

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Thanks to Robert
I am the current owner of Awsom 50 from 2002 ebay. It was returned to Los Angelos to Eddie Paul who originally built it for Cobra. It underwent a 3 year restoration to return it to it's original movie condition, encluding the built 350 chevy with blower and nitrious producing over 600hp. It was then unveiled by Eddie Paul at Star City Motor Madness in Roanoke Va. on July 4th of 2005.
Thanks to Mike Ross
The Cobra was purchased on ebay by a fellow in Las Vegas who owns an unbelieveable collection of cars. Jeff, a friend of ours, does all the mechanical work on his cars. While he was doing some work at home on the Merc, he had to put on some miles to check things out. We had the opportunity to ride around Vegas in it with him. You could see people stopping and checking it out as we drove by. The best was when we stopped at the Fiesta casino in Henderson on the way home. We are known here and when we pulled up to valet parking, jaws dropped right & left. Then we had a chance to explain its history & why WE had it that night. I will never forget this experience. The car itself was unbelieveable. The paint changes color as you change position, gold plated everything, beautiful woodwork, under the hood & the undercarrage was like something that should just be looked at & not driven. And.. it was pretty peppy when it wanted to be.
Thanks to Rogério Barbosa
Reni Santoni (Gonzalez) had the same character name when he played Clint Eastwood's partner in "Dirty Harry".
The surviving 1950 Mercury stunt car was apparently sold to Planet Hollywood because it was in the New York City branch restaurant as one of the movie props, bolted to a wall, resting its bumper on the floor. This was in Decemeber 2002.
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Here we have the character that Stallone apparantly wanted to make the main character in "Beverly Hills Cop" when he was attached to that project.
Thanks to John Edward Kilduff
I recall reading somewhere that the line "You're the disease... I'm the cure" was actually written before the screenplay was written. Apparently, Stallone wanted to have a tagline already in place. Well, he picked a good one...
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With all the product placement going on, you notice that all the major placement is for 'PEPSI', but nobody drinks any. Cobra's partner drinks 'Coca-Cola'.
Thanks to Steve
The reporter who tries to interview Cobra as he comes out of the supermarket after the killer was subdued was played by Joe Fowler. Joe is now on infomercials and can be seen selling drills, pocket fishing rods, wrenches and sockets etc.
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A short sequence where Stallone douses a bad guy with petrol, sets him alight, and utters "You have the right to remain silent" was removed from the UK version. -Wonder why? ;-)
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"The Night Slasher" character is played excellently by the greatly underestimated Brian Thompson, who also played, amongst other memorable psychos, the character called "Bocworth" in "Fright Night Part II" who is the moth eating limo driver. - You know, the guy who pronounces all the latin names as he eats the insects. Nice guy.
Thanks to TheEmissary
Andrew Robinson and Brian Thompson had their careers resuscitated by the Star Trek spinoff series' (Next Generation and Deep Space Nine). Andrew's famed role as the Scorpio Killer led to his typecasting abyss, where no one would hire him as an actor, until DS9 came along, reading for the part of Constable Odo. He ended up as Elim Garak (the exiled Cardassian who lives on DS9), which became a recurring character on the series. Brian Thompson portrayed several Klingons on the Next Generation series.
Thanks to TheEmissary
Dirty Harry alumni Reni Santoni and Andrew Robinson are in the film.
Thanks to Noe Vasquez
The name of the knife used by "The Night Slasher" was ironically called the "Kobra" (about 10" to 11" long) and had a medallion on the blade stamped "Kobra". It had a larger brother, if you can imagine that, called King Kobra (about 15" to 17" long).

Michael Sutcliffe kindly wrote in to give additional details: One of the most unique and dramatic knife designs ever created, Sylvester Stallone commissioned this knife from legendary knife maker Herman Schneider for the movie COBRA. The knife was featured extensively throughout the movie used by the evil "Night Slasher" character.
Thanks to Johnney Perkins
Lee Garlington (The Bad female cop siding with the Cult of killers) and Brian Thompson (the Night Slasher killer) both appeared in the 1989 film Three Fugitives.
Thanks to Glen James
Brian Thompson has also appeared in several episodes of "The X-Files" as the shape-shifting Alien Bounty Hunter.
Thanks to Peter Vincent
When Brain Thompson is at the hospital to kill Ingrid in her room, just before he stabs the bed, we see below the bed some boxing shoes, which read Rock on them. Perhaps this is a hint to Rocky?
Thanks to Jarkko Makkonen
The peculiar gun that Cobra uses in the film is a Finnish gun JATIMATIC which was invented by Jali Timari. The gun has a unique technique; the movement of the lock (and the slide) is slightly upward slanting (towards the back-end of the gun). This balances the force of the recoil that pushes the gun upwards. This enhances the accuracy and handling with the rapid fire mode.
Thanks to Shant Istamboulian
The flick was based on the novel FAIR GAME by Paula Gosling, which was later remade in 1995 starring Cindy Crawford and Billy Baldwin and produced by frequent Stallone collaborator Joel Silver.
Thanks to Chuck
In the first Terminator movie you'll see Brian Thompson as one of the punk thugs taunting a naked Arnold.

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But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Cobra".
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