Cobra was nominated for several Razzie Awards. The Nightslasher, played by Brian Thompson, was nominated worst new star. Screenplay was also nominated.

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Well, here we have it folks, easily one of the undisputed contenders for not only the cheesiest 80's mainstream movie, but also a full-house on those 80's cliches. Co-Written by Sylvester himself, with Paula Gosling, on whose novel "Fair Game", the movie was based.

Matchstick chewing cliche-ridden Lt. Marion Cobretti (nickname "Cobra") has a judge, jury and executioner style not dissimilar in attitude to the god-awful Judge Dredd Stallone would later play. To be fair to Stallone, the character is obviously meant to be so cliched that he's funny, but despite this it's only worth watching if bad taste 80's cliches are your thing. Starring with Stallone is his then-wife Brigitte Nielsen, who I'm sure would rather that this hideous debacle was forgotten, rather than re-released on a shiny new DVD on both sides of the Atlantic.

Having said that...

...The movie has its moments and is a potential qualifier for a "so bad it's almost good" entertainment award. We have the inevitable cop cliches mixed with popular 80's style movie making (yep, we even have musical montaging too).

Best memory of the movie has to be the character's introduction in the supermarket with "Hey, Dirtbag" and when the madman threatens to blow the whole place up, Cobra replies "Go ahead. I don't shop here".

To help those of you who have never seen this cheese classic, we have included some sound files to give you the general idea.

For those of you who have seen it, the sound files will bring back fond memories of an age when people didn't take themselves too seriously -- or maybe just had very bad taste...


One of the most unashamedly cheesy efforts ever committed to film. So bad that it really is almost good...


Notice any mistakes? Review

Strengths: Typical MTV style. Good montaging sequences. can be almost atmospheric on occasion.

Weaknesses? Where to start...

Our rating: 7.5 out of 10

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