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Film facts for the 1985 Dance / Music movie starring Michael Douglas, Alyson Reed, Vicki Frederick More Cast

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Many of the dancers in the big opening scene actually play two different characters - usually one that gets "cut" quickly and then another who makes the cut to the first big group number "I Hope I Get It" (a cost-effective way of making it seem like there's hundreds of different dancers when in reality there's considerably less) One of the most notable examples is a short-haired bottle-blonde girl - seen at different times either wearing a pink unitard or a white t-shirt with a teal tank leotard.
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Audrey Landers can sing and act, but can't dance. During auditions, it was obvious she would be perfect for the character of Val, but even she self-admittedly acknowledged her lack of formal dance training. Director, Richard Attenborough and choreographer, Jeffrey Hornaday, worked around the problem by only filming Landers dancing in close up scenes. If you look for her in big numbers like "I Hope I Get It" and parts of "Surprise, Surprise" and "One", she is nowhere to be found.
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Nicole Fosse, who plays Kristine is the daughter of Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon.
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While many changes transpired in the adaptation from stage to screen, the most notable has to be with the final cut of dancers. In the stage version Judy makes the cut, but in the film version she's tossed aside in favour of Bebe (whose character was also changed from a nervous/humourous scatter-brain type to a recovering nervous breakdown victim)
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Charles McGowan also appeared in the 1982 film "Grease 2" as a back-up dancer, who has two close-up's in the "Let's Bowl" dance sequence and a singing line in "Reproduction."
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Timothy Scott, the "boy with the headband" that Larry corrects for having his head down in the opening audition scene, was the original Mr. Mistoffelees on Broadway. He sadly passed away in Feb of 1988, just 3.5 years after this was filmed.
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Tony Fields was also one of the Solid Gold Dancers.
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Tony Fields, one of the finalists, was one of the dancers in Michael Jackson's Music Video "Beat It", he tragically died of cancer in 1995.
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Michelle Johnston who played Beatrice 'BeBe' Benson (the young blonde girl who sings 'at the ballet' and one of the better dancers) in this film, played the head choreographer (named Gay) in the 1995 release, Showgirls. She was also a featured dancer in the films, The In Crowd (1988), Dick Tracy (1990) and Chicago (2002) and has professionally choreographed over eleven television shows and movies.
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Both Matt West and Alyson Reed worked together at Disneyland with the Kids of the Kingdom. Matt has now choreographed for Disney. Matt went to New York and worked at Radio Music Hall with a Disney group.
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Charles McGowan (Mike), Gregg Burge (The 'Surprise' guy) and Nicole Fosse (Kristine De Luca) all appeared in a similar b-grade dance film called "Out of Step"(1986) starring Theresa Donohoe and Philip Casnoff. A young Charles McGowan plays the love interest of the lead character 'Lucy' (Theresa Donohue). Dance choreographer Jeff Hornady worked as principal choreographer on both "Out of Step" and "A Chorus Line".
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Vicki Frederick, who plays Sheila Bryant, played Cassie on Broadway and Justin Ross who played Greg in the movie also played Greg on Broadway.
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One of the most glaring changes made for the movie was in having Cassie sing "What I Did For Love" as though she was singing for Zach. In reality, the song was sung by Morales after Zach asks what the dancers would do if they were told they couldn't dance anymore.
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Janet Jones who played Judy Monroe married Wayne Gretzgy, the famous hockey player in July 1988 and they have five children.
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Alyson Reed (Cassie) plays the drama teacher in the "High School Musical" movies.
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Terrence Mann, who plays Larry in the film, was the original Rum Tum Tugger in "Cats" on Broadway. He later worked with Matt West (Bobby) as the original Beast in Disney's stage version of "Beauty and the Beast." He is also married to dancer Charlotte d'Amboise, who played Cassie in the 2006 revival of "A Chorus Line."
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There is an African American dancer in the beginning of the movie in a leopard print top, black trunks and white leg warmers (she was in the jazz sequence when Sheila is moved to the back after being cut earlier). She was in the movies 'Poetic Justice' and 'Menace II Society', among others and is now on 'CSI: Miami' as the Chief Medical Examiner. Her name is Khandi Alexander.
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Terrence Mann, the actor who plays Larry, the director's assistant, has originated many key roles on the Broadway stage. Among them are Javert ("Les Miserables"), Beast ("Beauty & the Beast"), Rum Tum Tugger ("Cats") and Chauvelin ("The Scarlet Pimpernel").

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