A Chorus Line Bloopers & Goofs

A Chorus Line Picture
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Dance / Music movie starring Michael Douglas, Alyson Reed, Vicki Frederick et al.
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After the big dance number at the beginning the camera follows Diana. If you look, the dancer that looks like John Ritter and says, "I've never been cut this soon" is standing behind her.
Contributed by: Heather
In the last number where they all dance, watch the right hand bottom corner. As they all do their high kicks we see one dancer (I believe a male) fall and then pop back up and continue dancing. Look very closely.
Contributed by: Becca
During 'Hello Twelve Hello Thirteen', Diana says hello thirteen then hello twelve.
Contributed by: Hayley
When Paul falls and is taken to hospital, Diana tells him she has his dance bag and runs to give it to him. However, as the the final cut is about to be made and the auditionees are making their way to final line-up, you can see Paul's dance bag sitting in the middle of the stage.
A Chorus Line