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Thanks to Brian Meacham
Some of the teams that the Durham Bulls play in "Bull Durham," such as Greensboro and Fayetteville, were not in the Carolina League with the Bulls, but instead were in the South Atlantic League. Thus, the Bulls of the late 80s did not play Greensboro (site of the famous "rain-out" scene) or Fayetteville. Other teams that appear in the movie, such as Kinston and Salem, were in fact Carolina League opponents of the Bulls during the late 80s.
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The name "Crash" Davis was taken from a real-life minor league player, Lawrence "Crash" Davis, who played in the 1930s.
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Max Patkin, who has a cameo in the film, actually is "The Clown Prince of Baseball". He performs at many minor league venues, and occasionally performs at major league stadiums.
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The writer & director of "Bull Durham", Ron Shelton, was, in reality, a minor league baseball player. He drew upon his own experiences in writing the story.
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The Durham Bulls are an actual minor league team. They play out of North Carolina.
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The field where the Durham Bulls played in the movie still has the original bull on the outfield fence. But they had to move the bull from right field to left field because they had to redo the right field fencing.
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Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon first met on the set of "Bull Durham". Eventually, they fell in love. Robbins would later go on to direct Sarandon to an Oscar in "Dead Man Walking".
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After seeing "Ball Four" I assume Annie Savoy was named such because the groupies that follow ball players around are called "Baseball Annies". Much of the dialogue from Bull Durham seems to be lifted straight from Ball Four.
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Two of the extras in Bull Durham: The dark huge-haired outfielder that accompanies Crash to the ball park where he "makes a rain out" is none other than Danny Gans, Las Vegas's premier impressionist-comic at the Mirage. The superstitious ball player who is hitting "a donut and 16", who gets cut, played the son of Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers.
Thanks to Jeff Morris
Before doing impressions, Gans was a minor league prospect for the Los Angeles Dodgers before constant knee problems forced him to quit his career in baseball and launch him into Vegas superstardom.
Thanks to Jigi
Costner shows some baseball talent in the movie as, in different parts of the movie, he bats both righty and lefty.

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But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Bull Durham".
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