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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1988 Romantic Comedy movie starring Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Allen Custard

Bull Durham Filming Locations:

The Old Durham Athletic Park, which is at the corner of Corporation St & Morris St in Durham, NC. This is not where the Durham Bulls now play. They play at a new park built in 1995. However, the old park is used for the Coastal Plain Baseball League.

I was an extra in the filming of Bull Durham, in Greensboro, NC at the baseball field, not sure what it was called then. it may have been called the old War Memorial Field, but it was not in Durham. I saw Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon, but their careers were just beginning and were unknown at the time. Was the best day ever sitting in the stands and being an extra, as being queued to stand and pretend to clap and cheer them on the baseball field however, I don't think the actual footage was in the movie. None the less, it was the greatest memory that I today treasure. I love both of the actors and can always say, "I was an extra in the movie, Bull Durham". [Thanks to Barb York]

The initial meeting / fight between Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins was filmed at Mitch's Tavern, 2426 Hillsborough St in Raleigh, NC. [Thanks to J Wright]

The shot inside the bar looks accurate, but it is on the 2nd floor & doesn't have a back door that leads out to ground level. [Thanks to Kris Kulowiec]

The batting cages scene was filmed at Par Golf in Garner, NC which is just outside of Raleigh. I worked there during the filming. It is a miniature golf range and they added batting cages just for the movie. They have since been torn down as is the water slide in the background. [Thanks to Jennifer]

The scene at the end in the ballpark where Tim Robbins is being interviewed after making it to the major leagues is filmed at Arlington Stadium in Texas, the former home of the Texas Rangers. [Thanks to Kenn] BUT an a reader kindly wrote in to say that the interview scene with nuke at the end of the film was not filmed in Arlington Texas. It was shot in Richmond va at the home of the Richmond Braves, the AAA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves at the time.

The streets where Crash walks at the end of the movie at night (after being released) are the old warehouses of the Liggett & Myers Tobacco company, makers of Chesterfield. They are now upscale apartments and are located just west of the old Ballpark. These are located between Duke / Gregson Street on the west and Main Street on the South. Corporation Street is I think the brick corner that Annie turns around at the beginning of the movie - this is located across the street from the old Durham High. [Thanks to Theo]

The pool hall in which the "fight" between Crash and Nuke occurs is called the Green Room. It is on Broad Street, in Durham, which, at the time, was not a very nice part of town -although fine these days. When the announcer refers to the Durham Bulls as "The Greatest Show on Dirt," that is actually the motto that is inscribed across the archway as you enter the stadium. [Thanks to Bart Shirley + Mellanye]

Beef Burger restaurant on Lee St. in Greensboro, NC (near Lee and Tate St.). The team stops briefly (a couple of seconds) at this restaurant and the water tower of UNC-Greensboro (my alma mater) can be seen in the background. The restaurant should still be there. [Thanks to Joel]

When Crash is finishing out the season he joins the Asheville Tourists ball club. The Tourists ballpark in downtown Asheville N.C. was used for these scenes. [Thanks to Alan]

The field used in Kevin Costner's 'rainout game' was the historic Fleming Stadium in Wilson. It opened in 1936 and is now home to the Coastal Plain League team Wilson Tobs. It's also home to the N.C. Baseball Museum. [Thanks to Milton]

When Crash is driving to Asheville in the mustang he passes an intersection and an old white house. This area is in Old Fort just east of Asheville. The intersection is where old hwy 70 and mill creek road meet. [Thanks to Gerald Anderson]

Right after Nuke's naked dream, Crash tells Nuke "We're almost home." However, the picture of the bus is of downtown Asheville, NC coming out of the tunnel on Tunnel Road. [Thanks to Shawn]

At one point the team bus is seen passing a fishing pond. This is Maple Lane Lake beside US Highway 70 in Icard,NC. Also, the bus and Crash are seen passing under a narrow railroad underpass. This is on Mill Creek Road near Andrews Geyser on the rail line between the towns of Old Fort, NC and Ridgecrest,NC. [Thanks to Charlie]

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