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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1983 Sci-Fi movie starring Christopher Walken, Jordan Christopher, Natalie Wood et al.
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Natalie Wood tragically died during the production of this movie. She was on a boat moored off Catalina Island, off the Los Angeles coast with her husband Robert Wagner and co-star Walken on Thanksgiving Day, 1981. What happened to Natalie will never truly be known but it appears that Natalie drowned when she slipped overboard into the icy water after a night of drinking.
Contributed by: Kara Petty
Lana Clarkson had a small uncredited cameo in this film as the "food fantasy girl". She was the actress found shot to death in record producer, Phil Spector's, house in February 2003; he was charged with her murder in 2004. Clarkson also appeared in John Landis's 80's spoof, "Amazon Women on the Moon.
Contributed by: Anonymous
The character of Wendy Abramson is played by Christopher Walken's wife, Georgianne, who is now a casting director. She did the casting for "The Sopranos," "Entourage," and many films including "Welcome to Mooseport," "Be Cool," and "Riding in Cars with Boys."