Vision Quest Soundtrack

Vision Quest Soundtrack

AKA: Crazy for You
Vision Quest Picture
Tanneran, Carla and Louden


Vision Quest has a great soundtrack! A lot of big names perform on the album. Plus, it's the only place you can find "Gambler" by Madonna. She didn't include the song on any other of her albums.Update Us

The following song tracks were featured in Vision Quest

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Thanks to Filip Bomikal Jensen
Madonna recorded a third song that appeared on early promotional material for the film. The song is called "Warning Signs" and was co-written by Stephen Bray. This song remains unreleased.
Thanks to Pete Borg
The following songs are in the movie but failed to make the soundtrack. They are are good songs that really would have rounded out the soundtrack.

Berlin- "No more words"
REO Speedwagon- "Time for me to fly"
Quarterflash- "Harden my heart"

Two of these are playing on the jukebox during dinner with Louden, Carla , and Larry (Louden's father) at Fergusons diner. The other is playing towards the end of the movie while Louden is out running. All three made the credits but some executive did not put them on the soundtrack.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Tangerine Dream

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The following instrumental score tracks were featured in Vision Quest

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1985 Warner Bros.
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