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The real strong element of this movie is the music. There is a mix of Meatloaf, Mowtown, ballads and good old Rock and Roll, written by Ry Cooder, Tom Petty, Bob Seger, Stevie Nicks, Duane Eddy and Jim Steinman.

Both 'Nowhere Fast' & 'Tonight Is What It means To be Young' are both written by Meatloaf collaborator Jim Steinman, but are sung by Boston area musician Laurie Sergeant, vocalist for the 80s pop Group Face To Face (not to be confused with hard rock 90s outfit) who were repsonsible for 2 Top-100 hits '10-9-8' and 'Under The Gun' [Thanks to Robert Sprenger]

The following song tracks were featured in Streets Of Fire:

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Nowhere Fast  -  Fire Inc.Sorcerer  -  Marilyn MartinDeeper and Deeper  -  The FixxCountdown to Love  -  The FixxOne Bad Stud  -  The BlastersTonight Is What It Means to Be Young  -  Fire Inc.Never Be You  -  Maria MckeeI Can Dream About You  -  Dan HartmanHold That Snake  -  Ry CooderBlue Shadows  -  The Blasters
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Song Trivia It's not suprising that 'Nowhere Fast' is Meatloaf style. It was written and performed by his writer, Jim Steinman.

A VHS tape "Streets of Fire: The music videos" was released directly to the home market at the same time of the films theatrical release. After the films failure, the tapes became impossible to find and have become major collectors items. The tape includes videos for "Nowhere Fast" "Tonight is What it Means to be Young" and "I Can Dream About You". It also features a behind the scenes featurette. -Thanks to Dennis Orton

Though most people don't remember the movie, they do remember the song "I Can Dream About You" by Dan Hartman, lip-synced by the doo-wop group at the finale of the film and written for this soundtrack.

The super-talented Jim Steinman wrote the song "Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young" in only 2 days, as Producer Joel Silver and Director Walter Hill lost the rights to song they'd intended to use - right near the end of the production. He submitted it in musical form and it was very well received.

'Nowhere Fast' and 'Tonight is What it Means to be Young', both lip-synced by Diane Lane in the film, were performed by group Fire Inc. (mainly studio musicians). Two overlooked very hot 80's tunes.

Remember the band playing during the "rescue" The guy singing was Dave Alvin from "the Blasters" and the song was "Blue Shadows". -Thanks to Luis Reyes

The name of the movie was lifted from the Bruce Springsteen song of the same name. The soundtrack was going to include several Springsteen tracks but was nixed by the distributors of "Born in the USA" which was going to be released at nearly the same time. All Springsteen fans were highly anticipating the arrival of the movie, only to hear later that the tracks were replaced with songs by "The Fixx". -Thanks to Mike

The Attackers were the real-life band-mates of Laurie Sargent, who provided the singing voice for Ellen Aim. Their band was called Face to Face and they played mainly "new wave" music around the Boston area. The group split up in 1988.

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Score Music Composer(s): Ry Cooder

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