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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Action / Adventure movie starring Michael Paré, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis et al.
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The stripper in the bar is Marine Jahan, who was one of Jennifer Beals dancing doubles in "Flashdance".
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The club named "Torchy's" is also seen in 48 Hrs. (1982) and The Driver (1978). Both of these happen to be Walter Hill films, who directed Streets Of Fire!
Contributed by: Staresy
Streets of Fire was the inspiration for Capcoms legendary 1989 arcade beat'em up FINAL FIGHT which featured, among other things, a kidnapped Girlfriend and a Character called 'Cody'. Strangely enough Final Fight was in turn an inspiration for the even more closely named STREETS OF RAGE For the Sega Megadrive, itself borrowing many elements from the film.
Contributed by: Nuni
Deborah Van Valkenburgh was also featured in Walter Hill's 1979 film "The Warriors".
Contributed by: Johnney Perkins
Lynne Thigpen Who was the Subway Operator women that informed Cody that the Bombers have gone Crazy and set fire to the subway system, Is also from another Walter Hill film "The Warriors", as the DJ narrating the Warriors way back to Cony Island, where she also speaks of a gang called the Bombers and the Boppers
Contributed by: Lucian
Catherine Bell (JAG) was the motorcycle girl wearing the t-shirt... I wish it had been wet! the late scene before the brawl.
Contributed by: tj s
At the part where the cops try to bribe McCoy and the gang, one of the cops is Matthew Laurance who was with Micheal Pare in Eddie And The Cruisers as 'Sal Amato'
Contributed by: Stephen Mathews
The fight scene between Michael Pare and Willem DaFoe was with 'Spike Mauls' which were normally used to drive railroad spikes into the cross ties hence the long hammer heads. They could drive a spike from the opposite side of the rail without hitting the handle on the top of the rail.
Contributed by: James Neal
The Sorrells singing group never gets much attention but all four actors continued to work. Stoney Jackson and Grand Bush might not be household names, but Robert Townsend and Mykelti Williamson seemed to find plenty of work after "Streets."
Contributed by: Gabriel
Raven's main sidekick (the one not wearing a hat, who punches out that guy from Twister and Rick Moranis and throws a garbage can through a window and screams) is famous punk rocker Lee Ving, from the 80's LA punk band FEAR. He got into movies because FEAR was the dead Belushi's favorite band.
Contributed by: Lisa
Deborah Van Valken who potrays the baby sis, played Jackie on 'Too Close for Comfort' in the mid 80's.
Contributed by: Matt Handfield
The name of Diane Lane's character and band name is Ellen Aim and the Attackers, that band name also makes an appearence in a Renny Harlin Film, "The adventures of Ford Fairlane". The name "Ellen Aim and the Attackers" appears on a computer screen amongst a list of other band names at the top of the list.
Contributed by: Josh
Bill Paxton (of Aliens, Twister, and Titanic fame) is in Streets of Fire! He plays Clyde, the annoying bartender friend of Cody's (the one Amy Madigan insults). If you watch closely, you can see him get punched & thrown off the stage at the begining of the film.
Contributed by: Robert
Rick Rossovich who played Office Cooley in "Streets of Fire" also played the Lt. (j.g.) Ron 'Slider' Kerner in "Top Gun".
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