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Streets Of Fire Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Mary F. Galloway

On Location

The New York Street set at Universal Studios was used for most of the shots for Streets of Fire. This is mentioned several times on the Universal Studios tour in Hollywood as well as the giant tarps that were used to create the night effects for the night scenes. False supports for the elevated Subway tracks were built and placed along he street to create a Chicago style atmosphere. [Thanks to Luis Lujan]

The interiors of the old subway were filmed with Michael Pare on location in Chicago, using the older '70s model white and green train cars. [Thanks to Greg R.]

Tucson, AZ. Reid Park Band Shell- Concert Misc. Tucson streets. [Thanks to Louis]

A few scenes of the film were filmed on location in Chicago on Lower Wacker Dr; near the famous Billygoat Tavern. [Thanks to Josh]

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