Sixteen Candles Soundtrack

Sixteen Candles Soundtrack

AKA: 16 Candles

Vocal Song Tracks

Sixteen Candles featured the following songs:

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Love of the Common People
Happy Birthday
Altered Images
Kazooed on Klassics
Temple City Kazoo Orchestra
Rumours in the Air
Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry
Wild Sex (In the Working Class)
Little B*tch
The Specials
Growing Pains
Tim Finn
When It Started to Begin
Nick Heyward
Whistle Down the Wind
Nick Heyward
Ring Me Up
Turning Japanese
The Vapors
The Revillos
Farmer John
The Premiers
Annie Golden
Young Guns (Go for It)
Rebel Yell
Young Americans
Moving in Stereo
New York, New York
Do Ya
You Say It's Your Birthday
Geek Boogie
Ira and the Geeks
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This 80's classic soundtrack features the music of The Stray Cats (16 Candles), Annie Golden, Ira Newborn and the Geeks, Patti Smith and The Thompson Twins.

It's long out of print having been issued by MCA, Cat #36102. Use our search feature to find a copy.Update Us

Song Trivia

Thanks to Alexi
The band, "The Rave-Ups," is written on Samantha's notebook that she takes with her to school. Her sister, the girl who played Caroline's friend Patty, had a child with a member of that band. And, in Pretty in Pink, when Molly Ringwald is in the nightclub, Cats, with her friend Jena, (played by Alexa Kenin), and Simon, (played by Dweezil Zappa), the band that is playing is The Rave-Ups. Molly Ringwald was apparently a big fan of theirs.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Ira Newborn

Sixteen Candles featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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Long Duck Dong Theme
Oriental Chase
Party Dweebs
After Party Blues
Father-Daughter Talk
Clean Close Shave
Geek Boogie
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Score Trivia

Thanks to Chris
In the scene in the school shop classroom (the scene that ends the iconic line "Can I borrow your underpants for 10 minutes?"), the music playing in the background is an instrumental by Stevie Ray Vaughan called Lenny (named for his wife at the time, Lenora). The song can be found on his first album, Texas Flood

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