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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1984 Teen Drama movie starring Molly Ringwald, Michael Schoeffling, Anthony Michael Hall More Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Joey Velasquez
When Sam's grandparents find Long Duk Dong out on the lawn they are late for the wedding. In that scene they proceed to get into the car parked in the driveway, notice that the grandmother gets in from the other side and it appears that she has entered the car but when the car backs out she is hunched down beside it and as they are pulling away she is not even in it!
Thanks to pork pie mcfly
The chunk of hair that Ted and Jake's girlfriend have with them in the rolls-royce at the end, is clearly a ponytail that is much longer than the hair that was cut off in the door, it is also the wrong colour.
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When we see Jake talking to his friend in the gym, while they are doing pull-ups... The camera slowly backs up to show that their feet are actually on the floor.

When the camera stops backing up, you can see the tracks on the bottom of the screen on which the camera moves..
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Watch the movie closely. When Samantha is in Independent Study, the sex test she has is supposed to be labeled "Confidential" but whoever wrote it misspelled it and wrote "Confidentail".
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When Ted is taking Carolyn home from the party at Jake's house, she puts the top down on the car and says,"Looks like rain, better put the top up!" When she says it, her mouth does not move!
Thanks to Sian For These Bloopers
Jake Ryan attempts to find Samantha Baker at her house. When you first hear Jake ring the door bell. Long Duk Dong is holding an ice pack on his left shoulder before he answers the door. After he opens the door the ice pack is magically on his head.
Thanks to Matthew Calkins
In the scene when Farmer Ted and Caroline Mulford are kissing in the Rolls-Royce and Jake pulls up, you can hear a girl exlaim "Jake!" but Caroline is kissing Farmer Ted at the time.

BUT: A reader wrote in to say: The girl exclaiming "Jake" while Caroline is kissing Ted is not a goof. John Hughes often put unidentified voice exclamations into his movies. The girl said, "OH no, it's Jake!" because Jake saw Caroline kissing someone else... What do you think?
Thanks to Rachel
When the car with the grandparents is heading for the wedding, they spot "the Donger" laying face down in the grass. When they roll him over, his t-shirt is not torn. But when he tells "Grandpa" what happened to his car, there is a huge rip across the top of the shirt that isn't there in the next shot.
Thanks to JoAnn
In the scene where Farmer Ted is about to take Caroline home, he tells Jake Ryan that he cannot drive a stick, so he doesn't drive his Porsche. However, if you notice in the last scene where Jake pulls into the Church parking lot, he sees Farmer Ted and Caroline in the parking lot, you can see into the Porsche and it isn't a stick shift!

But Norm adds: Actually, the Porsche is a stick shift. At the church where Farmer Ted and the Caroline are kissing, Just before Jake goes to park the Porsche, you can clearly see him shift the stick shift into gear. Check it out.

But, Seahorse adds: It actually is NOT a stick shift. It is an automatic with the gear shifter on the console. My car is like this as well.
Thanks to pork pie mcfly
When Ted is driving Jake's drunken girlfriend home in the rolls-royce, look closly and you'll see the rear view mirror is missing. It was there earlier at Jake's house, then dissapears when they are driving, then reappears again when Ted goes to John Cusack's character's house.
Thanks to pork pie mcfly
When Sam (Molly Ringwald) is talking on the bed to her sister about her love life, she is looking at a bridal catalog. As the scene flips back and forth between Sam and her sister, there are times when the pages in the catalog change without us hearing Sam turn the pages.
Thanks to pork pie mcfly
At the beginning of the dance, a guy with the red Star Trek style sunglasses on is standing behind Sam and Randy as they walk in, and he is staring at Joan Cusack's character. Then, in the next scene, he is standing with the geeks at the other side of the gym, you don't see him walking away at anytime during the sequence when Sam and Randy are talking. How did he get over there so quick?
Thanks to pork pie mcfly
When Sam and her mother are talking in the kitchen you can see the boom mic's shadow on the kitchen cabinet between them.
Thanks to pork pie mcfly
When Long Duk Dong comes speeding out of the parking lot after the dance, there is only him and one other person in the car and he isn't wearing sunglasses. When the shot changes to a close-up through the windshield, there are now two people with him (Sam and Sexy Girlfriend) and the Donger is now wearing sunglasses.
Thanks to pork pie mcfly
When Long Duk Dong pulls up in front of Sam's house to drop her off before going to Jake's party, there is a drive-in restaurant tray attached to the passengers side door of the car. On top of the tray are paper coke cups and burger wrappers. These had supposedly remained on the tray outside the car even though Dong was careening around at high speeds. Even when Sam gets out of the car and slams the door the wrappers and coke cups still don't move!
Thanks to pork pie mcfly
In the scene where Sam and Randy are getting on the bus, they both scan past the juvenile carnage on the back of the bus, where the adolescent band is practicing. Ted (The Geek) is nowhere to be seen on the bus. However, when Sam and Randy take there seats, Ted immediately appears behind Sam at the back of the bus leaning on a trombone case.
Thanks to Anonymous
Ted's friends were with the camera in the yard when they exclaimed "Ted, that's the prom queen!". However, earlier in the movie, Sam indicates she doesn't have any tan left. That would indicate school was just starting. If Caroline was a senior, the prom wouldn't have occurred yet. It would have been at the end of school.

They should have said, "Ted, that's the homecoming queen!"
Thanks to Billtaso
When Farmer Ted is pulling out of Jakes garage you can see the Rolls Royce License plate is already bent upwards. Reason being because he already hit the garbage can. However, he does not hit the garbage can until the next scene while they were driving listening to Bill Idol. That scenes was shot first. But nobody bent the license plate back down.

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Sixteen Candles".
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