The Running Man Soundtrack

The Running Man Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

The Running Man featured the following songs:

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John Parr contributed the closing credits song "Running Away With You". This song was on his album "Man with a vision" (1992) but it was called "Restless heart. [Thanks to Russ Rhodes]Update Us

Song Trivia

Thanks to Russ Rhodes
John Parr's music video for "Restless heart" (Running away with you) was shot in a studio in London. The company making the video was sent a copy of the film by the studio to choose which bits they wanted to include in the video, including the opening Helicopter shots (where John was made to look like he was in the helicopter). When the video was finished it was transferred back to film and was shown at the cinema before the film started. John said "I was a bit annoyed because the sound wasn't in sync when they did the back to film transfer". But never mind eh? At least they showed it before the film screening!!!

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