Voyage Of The Rock Aliens Soundtrack

Voyage Of The Rock Aliens Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Voyage Of The Rock Aliens featured the following songs:

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Jimmy and the Mustangs
You Bring Out The Lover In Me
Combine Man
Come On
Jimmy and the Mustangs
Trouble Maker
Jimmy and the Mustangs
New Orleans
Neil Sedaka with Gary 'U.S.' Bonds
That's Life
Before the Jupiter Effect
Cliff Sarde
Bobbie Ann
Get Out and Dance
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Song Trivia

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"When The Rain Begins To Fall" by Pia Zadora and Jermaine Jackson was a hit in England and the USA. It made #68 and #54 respectively in 1985. It made #1 in Germany and in many other European countries!
Rewind Archive
All of Pia's songs from the movie feature on her 1985 album 'Let's Dance'. 'A Little Bit Of Heaven', 'Real Love', 'Let's Dance Tonight' and 'When The Rain Begins To Fall' where all released as singles around the world. Some of her vocals were re-recorded for the movie (very badly!).
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Back On The Streets is a cover version. It was originally done by Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Vinnie Vincent was a member of KISS.
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When Rhema signed a contract with Curb Records, it included a clause that they'd star as the aliens in this film. Ultimately, the only song of the band's that was ever released was "21st Century," which appeared on the soundtrack album. Decades later several of the now defunct-band's recordings (including most of their songs from the film and a newly-made remix of "Combine Man") were leaked on the internet by former band members.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Jack White


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1988 KGA/Interplanetary-Curb
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