Fire With Fire Soundtrack

AKA: Captive Hearts

The following is the soundtrack listing for Fire with Fire. Unfortunately, it was never released for sale as a complete soundtrack for this film. Hopefully one day it will because it is a great set of songs. You can however find them all if you search. The title song "Fire with Fire" by Wild Blue is by far the best in my opinion.

The following song tracks were featured in Fire With Fire:

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Fire With Fire  -  Wild BlueComputer Blue  -  PrinceBit By Bit (Theme From Fletch)  -  Stephanie MillsHeart Of Rock And Roll  -  Huey Lewis and the NewsSlave To Love  -  Bryan FerryIf Anybody Had A Heart  -  John WaiteI'm In It For Love  -  James HouseFrom Nags To Witches  -  Winston Sharples
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Song Trivia "I'm In It For Love" was a pop song written by Patrick Henderson & Andy Goldmark. It has been covered by other artists including Donny Osmond (on his 1989 self-titled album) and Jennifer Rush (on her 1992 self-titled album). -Thanks to 80'sRocked

Renee Varo, lead singer of 'Jinx' and later 'Wild Blue', whose album titled "No More Jinx" featured the song "Fire with Fire" is now the lead singer of the band 'Love Kill Me'. -Thanks to bamersy

Is it me or is it very strange how many key songs from OTHER movies are used in the dance scene?

For example, the music for the first dance is the main theme from "Fletch" (1985) of all things! Great song, but really??

You could understand this if "Fletch" was also a Paramount production, but it wasn't! We then move on to music from "About Last Night" and others...

Either the moviemakers couldn't afford the time and money to choose music for themselves or were hoping for the familiarity to pay off.. All very odd... -Thanks to Nick

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Fire With Fire Picture
Score Music Composer(s): Howard Shore

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Fire With Fire:

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Music from Friday The 13th: A New Beginning - Harry Manfredini
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Fire With Fire