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Song Trivia When it was time to film the end title sequence where Buckaroo and his bandmates are walking in the dry L.A. aqueduct in step to the music, they were actually walking to Billy Joel's "Up Town Girl". The crew tied a boom box to a camera truck and blared it during filming. The music that shows up on film wasn't ready yet but had the exact same tempo as "Up Town Girl"!

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Dr. Lizardo and his evil cohorts
Score Music Composer(s): Michael Boddicker

Michael Boddicker's catchy, campy synth score has only ever made appearances on various bootlegs throughout the years. Which is a shame.

The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai:

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Security ClearanceOpening ThemePenny is AliveRed Lectroids From Planet 10Buckaroo's HandPenny's ThemeOuttake at Arnies"No Matter Where You Go...""Laugh While You Can"They're Getting AwayNobody Cumz in HereYou Can't Ride ThatMotorcycle ChaseBuckaroo's SpeachTurbo Pod On Our TailTeam Banzai Theme"Use More Honey..."End Credits (Short Version)"Since I Don't Have You"Opening Theme Reprise"Where Are We Going?...""It's Not My Damn Planet..."The 8th Dimension"Presidents on Line One..."End Credits (Long Version)The Banzai Jam
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