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Tootsie Behind The Scenes

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Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1982 Comedy movie starring Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange, Teri Garr et al.
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The character of Dorothy originally did not speak with a Southern accent, but in doing research Dustin Hoffman discovered his voice fell more closely into the range of female pitch while doing the accent.
Contributed by: Kenneth Sutton
It has been said that Dudley Moore was originally offered the role but turned it down, however the movie was developed by Murray Schisgal and Dustin Hoffman with only Hoffman ever considered for the role. Dudley Moore was never in the frame.
Rewind Archive
Dustin Hoffman suggested the title, which was his mother's nickname for him when he was a child. She "used to throw me up in the air and say, how' my tootsie wootsie?"
Contributed by: Stuart
In Sydney recently, Sydney Pollack said "No one ever laughted during the shooting of any of the scenes of the film. It's only funny because of it's story structure."
Contributed by: Krystal
Hoffman's four-pound silicone breasts cost $175 each. The size of bra that Dustin Hoffman wore in the movie was a 36C.
Contributed by: John Edward Kilduff
Drag queen Holly Woodlawn was one of Dustin Hoffman's coaches for this movie. Woodlawn's own Svengali has a brief cameo in this movie. That's right...I'm talking about the high priest of Pop Art, Mr. Andy Warhol.
Contributed by: Stephanie Osborne
Hoffman allegedly tried out his role as 'Dorothy' by passing himself off as his daughter's Aunt Dorothy at her parents' evening at school. Apparently he convinced the teachers.
Deleted Scenes
When movies are made, scenes are often left on the cutting room floor.
Contributed by: Anonymous
In the original cinematic screening, there is a sequence shown of Dorothy clearing up after babysitting Amy while Julie is out breaking up with Ron. A lot of the apartment was messed up and Dorothy runs round cleaning up - in double speed. This is now missed out - but we still hear Dorothy shout "I'll be out in a minute" when Julie arrives home. It's during this minute that the cut sequence took place.
Alternate Versions
Sometimes, there will be several versions of a movie floating about on cable, tv or video etc. Other times, a Director may release a special cut of the movie.