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On Location...

Tootsie Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Jonathan Filley

On Location

Locations include the Hurley Mountain Inn, Hurley, New York (bar scene) and The Russian Tea Room, New York City.

The Farm scene was filmed in Huley NY at the historic Wynkoop Farm owned by the Updall family. It is just up the road from the Huley Mountain Inn. [Thanks to David Burgess]

National Sound studios provided the location at which the soap was "shot." You can see the word National in the background whenever the soap actors leave work and are then approached by autograph seekers. It's at 460 West 42nd Street --I used to do voiceover promos there.

I saw another familiar location --Michael and Jeff's apartment is located on the third floor of 15-17 West 18th Street, which is a building that is now full of loft-style apartments. (A friend of mine lived in that very building with her husband on the 4th floor.) [Thanks to RL]

Michael dashes across W 57th St to go see his agent, starting from no. 140. Later on, Michael walks and talks with his agent, starting at the SE corner of 7th Ave and 57th and heading east. [Thanks to The Walking Fool]

Well I am wondering if it was used in tootsie. There was a movie filmed where I work now on West 4th Street at Boxer's Restaurant and Bar. Some customers told me Jessica Lange played a bartender and they closed the bar for days. The address is 190 West 4th. [Thanks to Leighann]

Can you help? Do you know any of the New York, New York (or any other) filming locations used for Tootsie? [Please send them in]

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