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Just One Of The Guys Behind The Scenes

Just One Of The Guys Picture
Terry discloses her disguise to brother, Buddy.
Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1985 Comedy movie starring Joyce Hyser, William Zabka, Clayton Rohner et al.
Contributed by: Lisa
Joyce donned a wig for the first scenes. She cut her hair for the later scenes, prior to production.
Contributed by: Jeremy Domeier
The two geeks that are into Star Trek were actually suppose to dress up like Trek fans. But Paramount put a stop to that when they found out. If they were to use the logo they would have had to pay a nice chunk to Paramount.
Contributed by: Anonymous
Toni Hudson (Denise) was also in "Cross Creek", a well-regarded 1983 drama based on Marjorie Rawlings' autobiography about life in the bayou. Alfre Woodard, who was nominated for an Oscar, and Mary Steenburgen co-starred.
Contributed by: Anonymous
Billy Jacoby (Buddy) was in 1980's "Bloody Birthday" - major low-rent exploitation about three murderous kids all born on the same day and all cursed with the same desire to commit gruesome slayings - including one of their older sisters!
Contributed by: Anonymous
Stu Charno (the guy with iguana on his shoulder) also had a major role in "Friday the 13th part II"
Contributed by: politeintruder
Joyce Hyser was in the Prom scene in "Valley Girl before she did "Just One of The Guys". She only had a couple lines with "Stacy" who is sitting with her at a table.
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Just One Of The Guys