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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1985 Comedy movie starring Joyce Hyser, William Zabka, Clayton Rohner More Cast

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for Terri's original high school in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at Coronado High School, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Google Map

Terri also returned to Coronado H/S at the end of the movie.

The school that Terri transferred to, in which she came in contact with Greg and Rick, was old Scottsdale High School. Due to declining student enrollment and an aging infrastructure, Scottsdale High was torn down soon after the filming of Just One of the Guys. It was located at Civic Center & Indian School Rd, about three miles straight north of Coronado HS. The only thing left commemorating Scottsdale High is an Honorary orange street sign with the years of the school. A major road and several high-rise apartment buildings now occupy the space where Scottsdale High stood. Update: Brian kindly wrote in to add: I think the 2 High Schools were Arcadia High School and Coronado High School, not Scottsdale High and Coronado. [Thanks to Brian]

The prom scenes were shot at Big Surf in Tempe, AZ near Arizona State University. Built in the 1960's, Big Surf is one of the original, and aging, tide pools in America. It features sandy beaches, waterslides and a wave pool strong enough for surfing and boogie boarding. If you look closely during the fight sequence, a good friend of mine, Steve Lindsey, is wearing an outrageous black and red plaid, Billy Idol-ish suit. He also has very 80's spiked hair. As Greg Tolan gets slam dunked into the punch bowl, Steve throws his fist up in the air to express his approval. Many students from Coronado High School and surrounding schools were used as extras in the movie.

Terri & Buddy's home scenes were thought to be shot in the beautiful Arcadia neighborhoods south of Camelback Mountain near the Scottsdale/Phoenix border. In fact Terry and Buddy's house is located at 2210 N 9th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona. [Thanks to Todd Erwin / Drew / Melanie Mullen] Brian kindly wrote in to add: The Arcadia Neighborhood is mentioned, but if the house location was on 9th Ave, that is definitely not Arcadia, but I now plan on checking that address out. [Thanks to Brian]

The ice cream parlor scene was filmed in a now defuct ice cream shop near Scottsdale's Eldorado Park at 77th Street and McDowell Rd.

[Our eternal thanks to Sean B. for all the above locations info]

The scene where the 2 couples go to the cave was filmed at the Papago mountains near the Phoenix Zoo, Papgo park is located at Van Buren/Mill ave. and N. Galvin parkway. [Thanks to to Eric & Charles Huffsteter]

The ice cream shop at 77th and McDowell was named "Leatherbys". They are/were famous in Sacramento, CA, and this was their first expansion location (it failed almost immediately). We were told about the movie but only the prettiest girls were invited to be extras, the rest of us were told not to show up. I watched the filming of the prom scenes at Big Surf (1500 N McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281), the first wave pool in the United States. [Thanks to TimmyB]

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