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The Boy Who Could Fly Behind The Scenes

The Boy Who Could Fly Picture
Stormy night
Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1986 Fantasy movie starring Lucy Deakins, Jay Underwood, Fred Savage et al.
Contributed by: Brian Torch
While they were filming at Lord Bing High School, some of the extras got sick. Probably from riding around the rides all day.

They phoned a local doctor; "Dr. Waldie". He made a house call and charged the film company 14 dollars for the call.

This really amazed the producer, hence... "paging doctor Waldie"...
Contributed by: Brian Torch
I, as I have stated before, was on the set for a day while they were filming at Lord Bing High.

They built a brick wall, on the roof edge of the school, where the kids drop off. It was about 4 or 5 feet high, and quite long.

The shot I watched them film was the shot where underwood scores a basket as he flys off of the school grounds. it involved several hours of bordom for me, standing arround waiting. It took three takes to get it. After the second take the director said, "don't shoot at the basket... shoot the ball to him..." and the third was the keeper!

The school room was in the back of Lord Byng (A block) close to the playground where the fair was; (on the 1st floor). It was nice to see a "flying shot" being filmed... There was a "crane" there, it's sort of a big truck with a crane on top. It has been all over the world. There are lead bars, weights on it and they are signed by crews from all over the world. While I was there the crew was pounding impressions of canadian money onto one of these bars.
Contributed by: Nick
Writer/Director Nick Castle got the idea in part from reading his son "Dumbo", the classic children's tale.

Millie reads Dumbo to Eric in the movie.
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The Boy Who Could Fly