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The Boy Who Could Fly Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Matthew O'Connor

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Lord Bing High School was the school used in the movie. It is located in Vancouver, BC. This school was also used in the opening credits of the TV series, '21 Jump Street'. [Thanks to Kerry McNeil]

The carnival scene was filmed in school yard behind Lord Byng H.S. The 30-second scene took two weeks to film.

Brian adds: It was about 20 years ago that I drove by my school; and noticed that they were having a "Fair". A fair with carnival rides...wait a minute! -It must be a movie location. It was..."The Boy Who Could Fly" Coming back on Monday; I watched them shoot, etc, etc. I asked around and found out where they shot in Newwest.. It must have been after the movie came out, cuz I remember noticing that the bay window was missing on the kids house. It's on 5th street near 6th Ave.. Check out the sidewalk...they patched it up to shoot the kid on a bike scene...

1- the curb curves away from the house there.
2- there is no sidewalk across the street
3- Across the street it's a continuous landscape all the way down the block
4- the powerlines are there
5- The big trees out front.
6- the dormer is there (It dosn't line up, but it dosn't have to).
7- the drveway goes right through.

Well thats about it! Check out the patches on the sidewalk, they were fresh 20 years ago.... I now live in Campbell River so it's too far away for me to go there...it's where 5th Ave., stops being a Boulavard.... [Thanks to Brian]

The field trip scene (where Milly falls) was filmed in Queen Elizabeth Park (Cambie St. and W.33rd Ave), also in Vancouver. [Thanks to Amy]

Other locations may be found in New Westminster, BC -- can anyone help?

Can you help? Do you know any of the BC, Canada filming locations used for The Boy Who Could Fly? [Please send them in]

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