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Locations Manager(s): Booth Gallett

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The parts of the movie said to take place in Licoln were actually shot in Cerillos, NM because the actual city of Lincoln has changed in the past 200 years! The crew had to cover up the asphault and electrical lines and such. They also had to tear down and rebuild many buildings from scratch. [Thanks to Faren]

The following New Mexico locations were also used in the "Young Guns" movie: Galisteo, Ojo Caliente and Rancho de las Golondrinas [Thanks to Ashleigh]

The hallucination scene was shot on Lou Diamond Phillips' reservation. His grandmother still lives there. [Thanks to Jessie] Although Dave writes in to say that Lou Diamond Philips is Cherokee and Filipino. His grandmother would've been one of these. The hallucination scene wasn't filmed on Cherokee land or in the Philippines... Perhaps an adoptive grandmother???

Can you help? Do you know any of the New Mexico (or any other) filming locations used for Young Guns? [Please send them in]

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