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Featured Movie Location: the Police Academy
Wanna see the real life filming location used for the Police Academy in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Lakeshore Studios, located at 2264 Lakeshore Blvd. West in Toronto, ONTARIO, Canada.

Locations Manager(s): Michael Brownstone

On Location

The Lakeshore Studios was the former Lakeshore Asylum. It has been used since for many TV and movie productions.

Some scenes were shot on the beaches and in the night club in Toronto. The scene where a pin ball machine is rolled into the street was shot in the west end of Toronto. [Thanks to Nancy Cataford]

The "Blue Oyster Bar" scene was shot at a bar on Spadina Avenue in Toronto called the Silver Dollar Room. We're not sure if it still exists. [Thanks to Kelly Proctor]

The Silver Dollar Room (the location of the Blue Oyster Bar) is still up and running! [Thanks to Vanessa ]

The main building used for Police Academy is now known as building "G" at Humber College (Lakeshore campus). The look of the building has not changed, though the interior has been completely renovated for college use; it was quite rundown during the Police Academy days. It is also considered one of the most haunted buildings in Toronto, since it is a former Insane Asylum.

The Silver Dollar Room is on Spadina Avenue in Toronto near Chinatown.[Thanks to Rob]

The archaic-looking entrance with two marble columns is the entrance of the "College" campus of University of Toronto. There is an enormous grass field in front of the buliding and it seems it was used in many of the scenes as well. The riot seems to have been filmed in Kensington market and places near it. I can clearly recognize a veranda-ey corner store that is still there in Kensington, it's a Carribean bar. Looks like Spadina China Town or places pretty close were used as well, and I recognize a lot of Lakeshore Rd.[Thanks to Jason]

The Riot scene was filmed in the Kensington community of Toronto. You can see in one scene there is a shop called "Kensington Creamery" that confirmed this. Much of the area still looks the same. [Thanks to Shannon Fitzismmons]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Toronto, ONTARIO, Canada (or any other) filming locations used for Police Academy? [Please send them in]

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