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Featured Movie Location: Site of the duel
Wanna see the real life filming location used for Site of the duel in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Werribee Park Mansion, located at K Road in Werribee, VICTORIA, Australia.

Locations Manager(s): Ian Goddard, Helen Watts

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You can even stay at the Werribee Mansion as it is a Hotel!

Also used in the film was Loch Ard Gorge, one of the beaches of Great Ocean Road. Remember the ship "anchoring outside the cove?" Loch Ard Gorge is the beach area and clifftops used in the film. This is found on the Great Ocean Rd in Coastal Victoria near the twelve apostles. The Site of a ship wreck`The Loch Ard'' which is how it got its name. There is a website of this area as it is a national park.

It is interesting to note that Werribee is about an hours drive from the sea and about 3 hours drive from Loch Ard Gorge. Some clever editing and a bit of astro turf on the clifftops made the mansion look close to the sea. Ah! the magic of movies!

The beginning and end of the film was shot on and next to the "Polly Woodside" which is located at the Melbourne Maritime Museum. If you look closely at the top of the screen just before Mabel gets her icecream, you can see the sign. The Polly Woodside was used for the sword fighting scenes between Mabel and Frederic at the beginning of the film. The restored iron barque is afloat as the main exhibit of Melbourne's extensive Maritime Museum. Built in Belfast in 1885 and named after the wife of the original owner, the ship made 16 voyages around Cape Horn before sailing for 20 years in Australasian waters. The last 40 years of her seafaring life was spent as a coal-refueling barge in the Port of Melbourne. [Thanks to Rob Daniell / Rene']

UPDATE: Clubgus kindly wrote in with the following excellent locations info:

From watching the film hundreds of times and the power of Google earth and street view. Some of the less obvious scenes used in the movie were filmed in Sydney, it wasn't all Werribee Mansion. Now the part of the film where Mable gets invited to go a yacht with here friends she comes out of McDonalds at (6Mins 26Secs) at the time and to pin point which McDonalds in Victoria or NSW can it be? I believed before looking at Google street view it was McDonalds in St Kilda but I am wrong it doesn't match, as the McDonalds in the scene is on a busy main road going by the reflection. After using Google Streetview and comparing McDonalds restaurants to the scene the closest exact Match I found out that a familiar McDonalds outlet I always pass every time I go to Manly NSW is McDonalds Cremone, 306 Military Road, Cremone NSW [Map]

The scene at the Marina where Mable brings the bags of fast food to the jetty was far easier (6:40). I thought initially, since this film was filmed mostly in Victoria it must be St Kilda Marina. I was wrong, the residential outcrop of the houses behind the marina matches exactly RushCutters Bay Marina in NSW. [Map of 1 New Beach Road Darling Point NSW]

This also makes sense because the ship used by the pirates in the film a replica which has been reportedly has been destroyed was located on Sydney harbour at the time of filming.

And for the pumpin and Blowin scene at (45mins 25secs) into the film and possibly the night scene at the beach was filmed at Palm Beach in Sydney Northern outscuits the outcrop matches Palm Beach. [Map of 11 Ocean Rd, Palm Beach NSW] [Thanks to clubgus]

Can you help? Do you know any of the VICTORIA, Australia (or any other) filming locations used for The Pirate Movie? [Please send them in]

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