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Featured Movie Location: The Drive-In
Wanna see the real life filming location used for The Drive-In in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Admiral Twin Drive-in, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. [Google Map]

Locations Manager(s): Jim Clark

On Location

[Thanks to Aaron Empsall for the featured location info]

The opening scene where Dally meets up with Pony and Jonny was in front of the Bowen Lounge on the Southeast corner of 10th and Denver in downtown Tulsa. That building was demolished just a few years after the movie was made. [Thanks to Tony Nelson]

The scene where Daly was scaring the kids who were playing cards was The Pines Restaurant. It was located at Apache and Pine close to the Apache Drive Inn. [Thanks to Mary Johnson]

Later the 3 of them are walking down the street. Darry looks in a window. That store is a printer/office supply shop - it's been painted red now.

The scene where Twobit checks Ponyboys fever, waiting on the bus is a church in downtown Tulsa. [Thanks to James Ryan]

The scene where pony boy gets the pistol was shot in Owasso, Oklahoma. A short distance outside of Tulsa. The restrauant was I believe a "Tasty Freeze" and was torn down in the late 1990's. Although it does not look like it in the movie, this area was quite built up when the movie was filmed. The stadium in the background is still standing. [Thanks to Daniel Wright]

Crutchfield park is the scene where the socs tried my ponyboy and where jhoony killed bob. Ponyboys house is down the street from the park, the address is 731 st.louis st. [Thanks to ashli]

The hospital scenes were filmed at Tulsa Regional Medical Center, Downtown Tulsa. The hospital is still in operation at 744 w 9th. This hospital is now a part of Hillcrest Healthcare Systems and is an Osteopathic Hopital [Thanks to slyohn]

In Tulsa Oklahoma, right off Interstate 44 at 161st Street there used to be a large old two story white house that were used in the filming of the Outsiders. It is no longer there, torn down a few years later and now there is a 'Microtel' built on its exact location. The house stood empty for a while before it was used for filming. [Thanks to bruce]

The Rexall Store (drugstore) in Sperry, north of Tulsa, as well as a couple of railroad scenes, alleyway, and old service station. Some of the scenes were later cut, but I own the drugstore and service station, and have seen stills using these structures. [Thanks to Larry Briggs]

In the scene where the guy is making fun of the other guy's pants, the fast food place in the background was a tasty freeze ice cream shop that is not there anymore in a town called Owasso in Oklahoma [Thanks to Tim Koontz]

The convenience store where Dallas is shot was a U-Totem just south of the football staduim in Owasso. This is the same stadium that was in the shot behind the Tasty-Freeze.

There is a scene of two characters walking down a road with businesses in the background. Part of this was shot on Main Street in Owasso. The "Silver Mine", an arcade at the time, is shown in the background. [Thanks to Angela L.]

The Dairy Queen in the movie was actually a Tastee Freeze and has since been converted into an appliance repair shop. It is located at 3242 N. Peoria in Tulsa, OK. [Thanks to TLB]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Tulsa, Oklahoma (or any other) filming locations used for The Outsiders? [Please send them in]

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