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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1983 Teen Drama movie starring C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Emilio Estevez et al.
Contributed by: Katie
The picture in the newspaper under the article saying Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas are heroes, has Ponyboy with his new haircut that they gave each other when they were in the church. This couldn't possibly be a picture after the fire because Johnny would have burns on his face/neck and Ponyboy would have ash on his.
During the drive-in scene, when Dallas (Dillon) falls out of his chair, Ponyboy (Howell) looks directly into the camera, waiting for Coppola to yell "CUT", but Coppola doesn't and keeps the slip up in the final movie.
In the scene where Ponyboy is being shoved in the fountain and Johnny is on the ground reaching into his back pocket for a switchblade there's a hole in his jeans. When the shot is back to him the hole is gone.
Contributed by: russ73174
When Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally are walking to the movies, when you see them walking in front of the store, the boom mike (and its operator) are reflected in the windows.
When the camera does a close up of Bob's body, look really close. You can see him breathing and you can also see his hand moving.
During the rumble, Ponyboy is on Darry's right side. But when he says, "The odds are as even as they can get.." Ponyboy is on his left side. The in the next scene, Ponyboy is back on his right side.
When Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas arive at the burning church and Pony jumps out, Johnnys car door is open. It then goes to the scene showing Jerry and the kids, but when camara's back on the car, Johnny opens the door to get out.
When the gang comes over for breakfast, Ponyboy goes out on the porch. When he does this there is a tear in the screen door. When Darry calls him back inside the rip is gone.

User Josh Said About This Entry: The door is still torn. It's just the point-of-view of the camera. Look and the left part of the door, it has two layers, the torn part. It's hard to see.
When Two-Bit and Ponyboy are talking to Johnny, a nurse comes in the room and tells Johnny his mother is here to see him. At the same time Two-Bit comes back in the room when the camera is close-up to Johnny's face. When it goes back to the whole screen, Ponyboy is on the other side of Johnny's bed.
When Two-Bit and Ponyboy are in Dally's room, Dally asks for Two-Bit's switchblade. At first, Dally's reaching with his left hand. Then when the camera goes back on Dally, he's reaching with his right hand. Finally, when Dally sits up and says "We gotta do it for Johnny" the knife is in his left hand again.
While Johnny and Ponyboy were in the old church, Johnny went out to get some things. Pony went outside to get a drink of water, then he heard someone coming. He ran down into a small hiding area and while coming back up, he trips.

User Coke Saphire Said About This:

They never kept that scene in the movie. When Johnny goes to get supplies, Ponyboy is shown just waking up, looking around for Johnny, calling for him, than noticing, "Gone for food" in the dirt. However, in the extened version of the movie it shows ponyboy hiding and then tripping.
During the movie scene, when Dally is bothering Cherry, Johnny says, "I'm going to get a Coke." When he passes him, Ponyboys says, "Yeah, get me one too, Johnny." When he comes back, he looks straight at Ponyboy and then sits down- but doesn't give him a Coke; he didn't buy him one!
Contributed by: Coke Saphire
At the drive in movie, when Dallas falls out of his chair, it was an accident! Francis decided to keep it in the movie!
After Dally falls off his chair and they show Cherry again and Pony in the background and Dally talking to Cherry asking if her hair is real, you can see that Cherry is trying not to laugh and Dally is too.
In the beginning of the movie when Pony gets jumped by the Socs, they stuff a napkin in his mouth. When the gang comes and saves him and Pony is lying on the ground, the napkin is gone.
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