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Mischief Filming Locations:

Mischief was largely filmed in the small town of Nelsonville Ohio. There is a scene in the movie where Chris Nash is working at the town gas station that still stands today. The town square was where a lot of scenes were filmed, when Doug Mkean and Chris Nash run into the fountain and the end where they crash cars. Side streets were used to film house scenes as was the hill used when Doug falls down on the bike. [Thanks to Jeremy Arthur]

Nelsonville has changed very little since the town square (used for the drunken scene) looked like it did in the 50's. Some fresh paint was added and some awnings. The soda shop was actually a laundrymat that was converted for the movie. [Thanks to Tom Ryan]

In real-life, cars travel counterclockwise around the Nelsonville square, unlike in the movie. [Thanks to Paul]

Canal Winchester, Columbus and Lithopolis, Ohio were also used. Gene Bunny and Jonathans homes were located in Canal Winchester Ohio, Mound street. They are still there but have been painted and look different now. I lived next door to Marilyn's house on E. Mound when I was in High School. I went to Canal & Hamilton High Schools. Some of the camera angles seemed to be mirrored to get a certain look in the film (according to what I remember about the house immediately to the left). It makes me a little dizzy to watch! [Thanks to Former E. Mound Resident]

While the whole film was shot in Ohio - apx. 4 weeks after production wrapped the cast was reassembled in LA to shoot the drive-in restaurant sequence. Jonathan's arm was originally broken in another chicken car scene and it was decided it was too close to the other in the film.

The garage that Gene works at is on Chestnut street in Nelsonville Ohio. The garage is still there today. I believe most of the homes in the movie are also in Nelsonville. [Thanks to Lisa]

The grain elevator where the drag race took place is Faler's Feed Store just outside of Lithopolis, Ohio. The race was run on Cedar Hill Road which runs behind the feed store and next to Lithopolis Cemetery.

The covered bridge, old mill and pasture are located on Lithopolis Road between Lithopolis and Lancaster, Ohio in an area known as Rock Mill. The bridge has recently (2003) been restored and is open only to foot traffic now after being virtually destroyed by heavy trucks. Rock Mill is an old grist mill that dates back to the early 1800's and sits next to the covered bridge and Rock Mill gorge. Just as in the movie, the area was a popular place to "make out" in my youth of the 50's and 60's. The gorge and the Hocking River stream and falls under the bridge were great places for going skinny dipping and "other activities" that teen age boys and girls engaged in. [Thanks to Thomas]

Also, if you are on Mound st where Johnathon, Bunny and Gene's houses are located, go to High st and head north, at the beginning of the movie they show the moving truck going over the tracks, the gazebo says Nelsonville, but that is actually located in Canal Winchester just north of Mound st. (on n. High st) [Thanks to Jason Smith]

Liberty Union High School in Baltimore was used for the highschool scenes. Sadly, following the 1986-1987 school year, the original (1917) Liberty Union School was razed to make room for the new (1988-1989) high school. A different school was used for interior shots.

While the original Liberty Union High School was razed after the movie was filmed, at least part of the school still remains along with the new high school. Some of the exteriors were shot outside the front doors of the Liberty Union gymnasium/auditorium. That portion still remains. It has arched doorways, and should be visible in at least a scene or two. The part that was raised was originally the High School. [Thanks to Karen Ansel]

The interior of the school was filmed in my old school, Hamilton Township High school. It is located in Obetz, Ohio. [Thanks to Naaman Nakanishi]

If you look in the background of the drive in movie scene you will see a large Kroger grocery store light. The owners of the store refused to turn it off for filming and added a bit of 1980's into a film about the 50's. [Thanks to Tom]

The drive-in restaurant scene was shot at Cadillac Jack's. 9457 San Fernando Road in Sun Valley CA. [Thanks to Bill Baker]

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