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On Location...

The Living Daylights Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): John Bernard

On Location

As usual in a Bond Movie, a wide range or worldwide locations were used including:

Atlas Mountains, Morocco; Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; England; Gibraltar; Italy; Krnten, Austria; Mojave Desert, California, USA (C-130 Sequences); Tangier, Morocco; Vienna, Austria [Thanks to Paul Nguyen]

The scene in which Pushkin is allegedly assassinated by Bond was filmed at Elveden Hall in Suffolk (the same location was used for the masked Ball in 'Eyes wide shut'). I was an extra on the film, and can be seen briefly in close up lying beside the light where Necros has 'done for me', prior to him shooting at Pushkin. Interestingly we were all there for two days, -there were many others most of whom spent much of the time shivering in evening dress (especially the ladies) seated around a long banqueting table, looking towards the stage where Pushkin appears. That appears to have been cut from the film. It was February and freezing cold in the vast hall which is surrounded by marble. You can read the history of Elveden Hall on the web, and why India was literaly imported into Suffolk. [Thanks to Irving Freed]

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