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Bond always gets his girl
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Action / Adventure movie starring Timothy Dalton, Maryam d'Abo, Jeroen Krabbé et al.
As he leaps out of the flying car, James Bond deploys his spare parachute, but in a later shot is shown hanging from his main one.
The left front tyre of Bond's car is shot out, but in the jump that follows the tyre is normal.
A "do not enter" graphic at the nearby intersection and a single streetcar track down the middle of the road imply that there is one-way traffic in front of Kara Milovy's apartment, yet we see traffic in both directions.
James Bond's laser slices under the body of a Czech police car so that the wheels and under-carriage come off when the brakes are applied. He only cuts in the area between the wheels, but the body would not be attached only in that area.
If the wheels go one way and the brake pedal (with the body) another, then the brakes could not be applied because the brake lines must have been severed.
We see the cargo plane's two outboard propellers about to stop as the fuel starts to run out. In two subsequent shots, they are turning faster again (though not at full speed).
When James Bond says there's no place to land, the forward view of mountains confirms this. But after a brief intercut to the cockpit interior, the landscape is different. The cliff (now ahead of the plane) is topped by the level ground James and Kara need to get out of it.
Upon leaving the plane they see a sign saying that it's 325 km to Islamabad and 200 km to Karachi. In fact Islamabad and Karachi are more than 1000 km apart.
As Bond pulls up to the side of the road near the hotel when he is following Pushkin's car in Tangiers, you can clearly see him knock over a pedestrian.
At the end of the film when James Bond is confronting Whitaker at his mansion in Tangiers we are led to believe that it is nighttime. However, when we see James Bond standing behind a bush outside the mansion, it is daytime and blue sky can be seen.
The Russians are using an American Hercules aircraft during the Cold War.
When Bond is in the cockpit of the Hercules, the throttles are shown as about 1/4 open. This would mean the plane wouldn't be traveling particularly fast. When he sees the other aircraft heading toward him, Bond puts full power on, and manages to lift off about 15 seconds later. A Hercules needs to be traveling at over 100mph to take off.
When he takes off in the stolen airplane, Bond leaves the Afghan resistance fighters and the Soviet troops behind him at the air base. However, only a few minutes later (after the fight with the cargo net), Bond flies over them again.
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