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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1987 Romantic Comedy movie starring Jon Cryer, Annabeth Gish, Keith Coogan More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Michael Stroud

Hiding Out Filming Locations:

The diner in the big shoot out/chase scene at the opening of the film is The Blue Diner, right off of Lincoln Street, near the exit of RT 93 in Boston, MA. [Thanks to Chris Peterson]

The train to NC that Andrew runs for at the beginning of the movie is actually a MBTA local commuter train (known at the "T" in Boston) [Thanks to David H.]

Various streets around South Station and South Street are also seen during the chase. [Thanks to Ken Reid]

It may be filmed in North Carolina, but it takes place in Delaware. Check the flag at school and the license plate [Thanks to Kirk and Marcie Messick]

While the interior school shots might have been shot at Topsail High School, it looks as if the exterior night shot that was filmed when Keith takes Jon's character to the school to hide is actually the Cape Fear Community College front.

The school in Hiding Out looks distinctly like the buildings on the UNCW campus and nothing like any Cape Fear Community College buildings I've seen. The brick and white columns is the architecture of UNCW. [Thanks to Jay Reznik]

The shot of the swans swimming around (especially the baby swan on the back of the mother) and the subsequent scene was shot at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, NC. [Thanks to Denise]

Thanks to Tyler, who kindly wrote in with the following memories of Hiding Out being shot in Wilmington: I have lived in Wilmington, NC almost all of my life and I was a teenager when this film was being shot. A friend of mine was actually able to be an extra in it! She got to spend the whole night at the skating rink while those scenes were shot! It is one of my favorite movies from the '80's. Here is some of the information I can remember about the movie:

The exterior shots of the school with the large white columns were actually shot at the old Tileston School on Ann Street in Wilmington, NC. You can google Tileston School and choose the link to the one on Ann Street in Wilmington and you will see a great picture of it.

The interior shots of the school gymnasium during the election results and death of the hitman was shot at New Hanover High School on Market Street in Wilmington, NC.

The skating rink Ryan and Max went to is located on Shipyard Boulevard near the WECT television station.

The scenes for Patrick's date were all shot in downtown Wilmington. Interestingly, the movie theater they went to no longer exists. The inside was torn down many years ago leaving only the front exterior, so you can still tell it was once a movie theater. If you were to walk to it and turn as if to go inside it you would be staring at a vacant lot. The parked car scene after the movie was shot right outside Cape Fear Community College.

There is a real Topsail High School located in Hampstead, NC which is not very far from Wilmington. Members of their marching band were also in the film. Another friend of mine was a student at Topsail High.

Hope you've enjoyed these tidbits of info about Hiding Out! [Thanks again to Tyler]

-The mystery of Ryan's House? It is most probably in the Forest Hills neighborhood in Wilmington, NC. Maybe even on Forest Hills Drive, but after extensive searching, everyone has come up empty handed. so its probably been remodelled. -Can anyone help with more info or the street address pleeeaase?

Can you help? Particularly with Ryan's house, the lake etc? Please Update Us

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Fishtank Bar - Making Eyes
Dropping The Package
Running To The Train
Shootout Diner
On The Run
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