Hiding Out Bloopers & Goofs

AKA: Adult Education
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Ahhh... the 80's...
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Romantic Comedy movie starring Jon Cryer, Annabeth Gish, Keith Coogan et al.
Contributed by: TerdNthePoolGGB
During the fight towards the end, the bad guy is on a ladder with a knife and Cryer is reaching up with his right arm and has a cut on his arm, the next shot of his arm there is no cut.
Contributed by: Anonymous
When Jon Cryer, aka "Max/Andrew" first arrives at the highschool, he asks one of the students hanging out for a cigarette but has no way to light it so he puts it in his pocket.

However, a bit later in the movie that same day when he and his cousin Patrick are walking in the hallway, "Max" pulls out the cigarette and a lighter to light the cigarette just before the teacher informs him there is no smoking.
Hiding Out