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I know a scene of this film was done in Phoenix, NY on the old draw bridge that is no longer there. I lived there at the time, and most of the shooting was done at night. I remember a car jumping over the raised bridge in one scene. [Thanks to Mark]

The opening scene and the disco scene were shot at my residence, Douglas Hall on the McGill campus, and there's some scenes shot in the Birks building. The campus of Concordia University was also used (for the garden). [Thanks to Kathryn]

The campus is located downtown at the University of Toronto and the field scenes are at the former Vanier Stadium. [Thanks to Joyride]

The school scenes were filmed at my high school, Royal West Academy in Montreal West. The lab scene takes place in what is now Ms. Lang's science room. However the outside shots of the school are not that of Royal West. [Thanks to Fraser Munden]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Montreal, QUEBEC, Canada filming locations used for Happy Birthday To Me? [Please send them in]

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