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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1981 Horror / Occult movie starring Melissa Sue Anderson, Glenn Ford, Tracy Bregman et al.
Contributed by: Carlos J. Gonzalez
The poster tagline begins: "John will never eat shish kebab again."; however, in the actual film, the shish kebab victim's name is Steve.
In the opening scene at the local pub "The Silent Woman", Virginia Wainwright enters with her scarf and handbag. She takes off her scarf and removes her handbag from her shoulder, but in the next shot her handbag is back on her shoulder.
Greg Helman's car goes over the drawbridge while playing The Game and the front-end and headlights are crushed, but then in the next scene the car is intact without the headlights broken or front-end smashed.
In the scene in which Greg is weight-lifting, the killer enters and assists Greg by placing weight plates on his barbell. It is assumed Greg knows the killer, because he is talking to him/her the entire time indicating his girlfriend, Amelia, will be back soon. Then Greg is killed and blood spatters all over the carpet. When Amelia returns with pizza and beer minutes later, the carpet and weight equipment are entirely clean.
When Virginia is remembering the accident while showering, the white car she and her mother are trapped in drops from the bridge to the water upside down in three repeat shots... But the last shot shows the car right side up.
If you look closely, you can see that it is a male stuntman in the water and not Virginia in the scene in which Virginia's head strikes a passing ferry/ship after she swims to the surface.
In the last scene (birthday party), Hal Wainwright (Virginia's father) is killed by having his throat slit with a knife. His birthday hat is missing in this shot and he was wearing it in the previous shot.
In the opening scene, the killer is attacking Bernadette O'Hara - played by Lesleh Donaldson. The killer's arm is all that we see in several scenes and he/she is wearing a long, black sweater. The last scene in which Bernadette's throat is slit the killer now has on a green army jacket.
During the frog dissection/nerve stimulation scene in the biology class at Crawford Academy, the professor begins the nerve stimulation procedure with his glasses on.

Halfway through when Rudi (David Eisner) turns on the electrostatic generator, the professor has his glasses off. Near the end of the procedure, his glasses are back on again.
When Virginia Wainwright (Melissa Sue Anderson) and Ann Thomerson (Tracey Bregman) sneak through the window into Alfred Morris'(Jack Blum) to see what he is up to, they notice a covered object on the table that looks like a severed head.

Ann pulls the cover off and it is a model of Bernadette O'Hara's (Lesleh Donaldson) head. There is "blood" noted in the white tray holding the model head. When Alfred shows Virginia and Ann it is only a model by pulling out the glass eye in the eyesocket, the amount of blood on the tray changes.
At one point during the movie, Virginia reveals to one of the characters (I forgot which one, I think it was Rudy), that she was at Crawford 4 years ago and the character said "oh, yeah? she then said to herself, they've all forgotten me".

In the flashback birthday party scene that her mother was throwing for her when no one showed up, it was her 16th birthday. in the present time of the movie, she is going to be 18. unless they do things differently in Canada as far as how many years you have to go to high school, then you do the math.
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