Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me lies somewhere in the darker part of the 80's horror universe.

Virginia is a student at The Crawford Academy, a private college in upstate somewhere and is friends with the richest and most popular kids in town.

Everything's going fine in Virginia's preppie world until her friends begin to disappear. This is somehow tied to Virginia's past. A past that she can not remember due to amnesia. She works with her doctor, (played by Glenn Ford, in an excellent performance), to try to discover what she has repressed.

As Virginia works to remember her troubled past, her friends systematically come up missing. With little time to spare, bits and pieces flood back to her. A birthday party many years ago. Her mother; her rich friends; a secret. All centered around the accident which left her without a memory.

Just as the pieces start to come together and you think you have a handle on the film, it flips in an entirely new direction. Packed full of false leads and red herrings HBTM keeps you guessing right up to the very end.

You might as well not even try on this one, just sit back and enjoy the ride and watch as the ingredients culminate and boil over into the final shocking scene.

So I welcome you to Virginia's 19th birthday party. Pull up a seat and get comfortable 'cause it's gonna be a bitch of a night.

And one word of warning... You're never gonna feel the same way about the song Happy Birthday To Me again...


This was a surprisingly well crafted early eighties horror film with excellent cinematography.

Like I said, it is one of the darker ones to come out of the eighties, not because of it's violence, but because it takes itself seriously and that's what makes this movie, in my view, an unrecognized classic.

If you haven't seen this movie, call your video store right now and ask them if they have it.

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Strengths: Dark classic. Well made.

Weaknesses? None to mention

Our rating: 8.5 out of 10

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Happy Birthday To Me