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Featured Movie Location: The High School
Wanna see the real life filming location used for The High School in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Woodbridge High School, located in Irvine, S. California. [Google Map]

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The motel used in the movie where his brother died is in Anahiem, Ca. Across the street from Disneyland (catty-corner). We dont think the motel is still standing [Thanks to Josh]

The opening scene was filmed at John Wayne Airport in OC, California. The scene at the Vietnamese festival was filmed at Balboa Beach, CA. [Thanks to Brenda]

Balboa Fun Zone on Balboa Island for the scenes with the ferris wheel.

Also the scene where Christian Slater jumps in to the back of the bad guy's car, when the bad guy is on the phone at the gas station, is on Westminster Blvd. between Brookhurst and Euclid across the street from Shakeys. The Arco gas station is gone as is the phone booth. [Thanks to Matt Zielke]

The part where Brian ran into the motorcycle guys is in the area of Penn park in Whittier ca. He skated through the back bend of the Main Street of Penn of the park. [Thanks to Steve Soto]

The scene where you see the Lincoln driven by the bad asian kid before it goes into the orange groves is Jeffery Rd. north of I-5 freeway in Irvine, CA. About a mile away is the now closed El Toro Marine Corps base. [Thanks to Keith]

The apartments where the detective is investigating are the apartments I eventually grew up in...the are located off of Fallbrook and Ventura in Woodland Hills, CA in the SFV. [Thanks to Maritza]

A plaza shown twice in the movie has huge sign that says 'Today Plaza'. It is in Orange County in a section of town called 'Little Siagon', on Bolsa Ave. It was shown as the location of bolsa video and the pool hall, although I could not find either. [Thanks to Carolyn Gubala]

Can you help? Do you know any of the S. California (or any other) filming locations used for Gleaming the Cube? [Please send them in]

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