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In Tony Hawk's autobiography, he writes about working on Gleaming the Cube. According to Hawk, Max Perlich was the only one of the non-pro skating cast who could skateboard. He remembers, one night, on a break from shooting, he went with Perlich and some others, skating around the city and Perlich did an acid drop off of someone's car. Whoever owned the car seemed to know who Perlich was because he showed up to the set the next day and got into a fist fight with Perlich.

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Brian Kelly is a slacker at heart.

The only thing he seems to care about is skateboarding, trivial things like doing his homework; making the grade in school have little meaning to him.

But he's about to take a crash course in reality.

When his adopted Vietnamese brother, Vinh (Art Chudabala) turns up dead after uncovering a mysterious error in the shipping records at his place of work, Brian (Christian Slater) begins to suspect something more.

Refusing to accept the police's theory of suicide, Brian launches his own investigation, determined to unveil the truth of what really happened to his brother. With the aid of the sharp-witted detective, Al Lucero (Steven Bauer), Vinh's ex-girlfriend, Tina (Min Luong) and a whole host of his skateboarding buddies, Brian manages to uproot the foundation of an illegal smuggling operation, to bring his brother's killer to justice.

Gleaming the Cube is most certainly one of those guilty pleasure movies for which the 80's are so well-known.

Though much of the cast (with the exception of Slater and Bauer) are largely unknown, the combination of skateboarding and crime-solving helps to put an original spin on an otherwise cliched tale.

Marked by its poignant moments of warmth and sincerity, Gleaming the Cube makes for a decent enough action/drama film.


I enjoyed this movie when I was a kid and actually took up skateboarding because of it.

The only real complaint I have about the film is that the novelty doesn't last long.

Though die-hard skaters are likely to eat it up, the serious movie goer will see it as nothing more than an average revenge story, with an unorthodox twist.

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Strengths: The movie has a nice flow, with bits of warmth thrown in between the action scenes.

Weaknesses? For some, the combination of skateboarding and crime-solving might seem too contrived.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Gleaming the Cube