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Locations Manager(s): Jonathan Filley

On Location

The location of the house in the opening shot where Monty is taking photos of the birthday party is 760 Hylan Boulvard in Staten Island, on the corner of Hylan and Fingerboard Road. Street signs are clearly visible. [Thanks to Eugene Aranovich]

Pompano Park (Pompano Beach FL) was the scene of the racetrack scene where they bet all their money on a fixed race (in the movie the track is called Hoover Downs) [Thanks to Mike Smith]

Our Lady Queen of Peace Church on New Dorp Lane was the scene of the wedding. [Thanks to Steve Hetzel]

The bar in the movie was the L&M Tavern. I don't believe that it's there anymore. [Thanks to John Flynn]

The strip club was "Ziggy's", on Lincoln Ave in Midland Beach. It became "Sharks" then "The Gecko Lounge". It's still a bar. [Thanks to Ken Hood]

The shot of the hotel where Allison & Julio spent their wedding night is the Howard Johnson's on Route 3 West in Clifton, NJ. The sign for Pip's lounge (part of the hotel) is clearly visible. [Thanks to Alyse Pashman]

Most of the film was done in Staten Island. [Thanks to Eric Wright & Steve Hetzel]

The Capuletti House is located at 58 McVeigh Avenue (between Kelly Boulevard and Evans Street). I know this because I used to live about six houses down from the Capuletti House at the corner of McVeigh Ave and Evans Street from 1982 to 2001. I remember being inconvenienced for weeks when the entire area was blocked off during filming. [Thanks to Bill McClanahan]

The part when Joe Pesci and Rodney Dangerfield are rushing to get the cake from the bakery, was filmed outside of Alfonso's Bakery in Staten Island, New York. [Thanks to Melanie]

The store used in Easy Money is often said to be Wannamaker's in Philadelphia, PA. IN fact, the Department Store was was Abraham and Strauss located on Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY. Not in PA. As they enter you can see the "Fulton Street" entrance engraved above the doors. [Thanks to Joanne]

The crash where the cake flies through the window because of the fire hydrant, is on Forest Ave. in Staten Island.

There really was a Diner called the Center Diner, and yes, the sign really did say "open 23 hours", it has been many things since.

Lucky's is really the Victory Diner, which you can read on the diner in the movie, it was also used extensively in "The Education of Max Bickford", a CBS show in 2001-2002 [Thanks to Eric Wright]

Can you help? Do you know any of the New York City, New York filming locations used for Easy Money? [Please send them in]

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