Easy Money

No cheating! No gambling! No booze! No smoking! No pizza! No nothin'!

Those are the rules that Rodney Dangerfield must follow if he wants to get his fortune in the hit classic EASY MONEY.

A successful baby photographer and a well-devoted family man, Monty Capuletti (Dangerfield) has been living the high life for years. His routine includes smoking, drinking, gambling and over-eating. Although he is faithful to his wife and two daughters, his mother-in-law Mrs. Monahan (Geraldine Fitzgerald) hates Monty’s ways.

The first part of the movie has Monty trying to control himself when his eldest daughter Allison (Jennifer Jason Leigh) decides to marry a hispanic gang member. The wedding goes as planned. It’s the wedding night that becomes a disaster as Allison develops cold feet, leaves her newlywed and goes into depression.

The second part begins as Monty is informed that Mrs. Monahan was killed in a plane crash, and has left a will for the family. The will states that Monty will get an inheritance of ten million dollars.

There is, of course, a catch. Monty must give up all his bad habits and rehabilitate within a year. If he succeeds, Monty gets the money, but if he fails, the money goes to an executive (Jeffrey Jones), who plans to get Monty back into his habits to see that Monty loses the money.

Though he doesn’t know that Mrs. Monahan had faked her death, Monty tries to stay clean and even seeks advice from his friend Nicky (Joe Pesci), who doesn’t think he’ll make it. Can Monty stay clean long enough to get the inheritance? Will Allison and her husband live happily ever after?


“Easy Money” is a funny movie and Rodney Dangerfield is hilarious.

This film is definitely worth checking out.

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Strengths: Rodney Dangerfield is always funny and the movie is hilarious.

Weaknesses? Can't think of any.

Our rating: 9.5 out of 10

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Easy Money