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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1984 Thriller movie starring Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Gregg Henry More Cast

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Body Double Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for Octagonal house on stilts in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at The Chemosphere, located in Los Angeles, S. California. Google Map

FYI, a friend of mine once rented the Chemosphere house for a few months and I was lucky enough to be invited up there for a party. The tram that takes you to the house is somewhat different to the one in the movie, and the house is very different inside, but my wife had fun yelling obscenities up to me as we walked down the stairs to the street - just as Holly did to Jake!! [Thanks to Paul Cousins]

The Chemosphere was sold in 1997, for a reported $4.8M. There is a twin of the Chemosphere located in relatively the same area. That might be the discrepency in the trams being different. [Thanks to jacq]

The Rodeo Collection at 421 Rodeo Drive was used for the posh mall where the hero follows the victim-to-be through the outdoor mall's white marble hallways.

Gloria Revelle's house is on Miller Drive in the hills above Sunset Strip, several miles and on the other side of the hill from the Chemosphere. [Thanks to Tom]

The two cars racing down Mulholland by Holly are at the exact point she would be if she had walked down from the actual Chemosphere house. [Thanks to Tom]

In Long Beach, CA, along the beach, near the intersection of East Ocean Blvd. and Cherry Avenue, are 2 filming locations-- one is the stair-stepped apartment/condo building that Jake enters and peers over one level to Gloria at a lower level, while she is on the phone. Not too far away, along the same beach, is the graffitti'd pedestrian tunnel that Jake begins to run through and then seizes up in when his claustrophobia hits him. The beach is also where Jake plays cat-'n-mouse with Gloria and her stalker, among the canvas beach huts. [Thanks to Glenn DeBerry]

Jake goes shopping at the famous 'Farmer's Market' located on Fairfax at 3rd Ave in Los Angeles.

I think the video shopping is at Tower Records in Westwood, which I believe was also used in American Gigalo. [Thanks to Daniel]

The scene when Sam actually offers Jake the house sitting job over a beer was filmed at 'Barney's Beanery' on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood. The actor playing the bartender is wearing a Barney's Beanery T-shirt.

The Frankie Goes To Hollywood video sequence was shot at an old office building at the corner of 7th St. and Union Ave. near downtown Los Angeles. I rememeber going there as a kid when it was a temporary swapmeet and to my surprise watching Body Double years later with the same interior, though it was dressed up for the movie. [Thanks to Ivan Munguia]

The beach hotel used in Body Double was called the Beach Terrace Hotel. I spent many, many days, weeks, months there as a very young kid in the 50's as my mother was the maid at this hotel. I used to even climb into the huge vases situated on each level and play all around this place. Brought back a lot of memories. [Thanks to Albert Diaz]

For the final climactic fight by the riverbed, the riverbed is actually a part of the Owens Aqueduct which is right by the 5 freeway around Sylmar. The aqueduct can be seen coming down the hill and the sequence was staged in a flat spot near the freeway proper. The hot dog stand shaped like a hot dog is the cult favorite "tail of the pup" hot dog stand owned by Eddie Blake. The person serving Craig in that scene is either the owner's son or nephew, not sure which, but is not an actor. [Thanks to Antoniko Gonzalez jr]

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