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Marshall Square, Division And Rush Street, Rainford was actually in St. Charles.

The High School was Lakeview High School in Chicago on the Northside on Ashland Ave. It is still there and running. [Thanks to Beckie]

The indoor scenes of jail were filmed on a huge, indoor two story set built inside the THEN Naval Armory a few hundred feet from Navy Pier. The Armory no longer exists. [Thanks to Sal Amato]

All of the outdoor prison scenes were filmed at was Illinois Youth Center, which is a juvenile prison in St. Charles, Illinois. The radio codes used when Sean Penn and Horowitz tried to escape were the actual radio codes the prison used until 3 years ago.[Thanks to Stacy]

The rape scene was on the north side corner of Montrose and Kenmore alley of Kenmore street under the 'l' tracks.

Can you help? Do you know any of the Chicago, Illinois (or any other) filming locations used for Bad Boys? [Please send them in]

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